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5 Signs Your Granite Floors Require Restoration

Granite floors are some of the most durable, attractive floors available for homes and businesses alike. But like all stone floors, granite can eventually start to show the wear and tear of time and traffic. Although regular floor maintenance can help extend...

How to Maintain Granite Floor

Granite floors are some of the most beautiful floors you can have in a home or business. Granite has been adored for many generations thanks to its incredible durability, resilience, design versatility, and gorgeous color. And it doesn’t take a lot of effort...

How to Decide Between Marble, Terrazzo, & Granite Flooring

Your flooring type contributes a lot to the general outlook of your home or commercial facility. When picking a flooring type, our flooring experts at ACT Restoration suggest that you consider the following factors: durability, design, cost, and maintenance...

Maintaining Your Natural Stone Floor

Natural stone floors are one of the most stunning flooring options available for residential homes. Whether you’ve got limestone, granite, slate, travertine or marble, stone flooring options are as varied as they are spectacular.

Top Reasons to Keep Your Terrazzo Floor

Terrazzo floors are some of the oldest, most beautiful flooring options available today. In fact, terrazzo floors date back to ancient Egypt, where they were used to create stunning mosaics. Today’s terrazzo floors have more in common with Italian terrazzo...

Best Uses for Terrazzo Flooring Tiles

Terrazzo has been on the trends for some time now. Read to find out why floor experts are adopting the terrazzo flooring tiles.

Why Terrazzo Is a Timeless Flooring Trend

If you want flooring with a touch of class and timelessness, terrazzo is a wonderful option. ACT Restoration’s flooring experts discuss why terrazzo is a timeless flooring trend in this quick blog.

Why Terrazzo Flooring Is a Sustainable Option

Apart from being more eco-friendly and having the quality to retain its glossy finishing over time than other flooring materials, many residential and commercial homeowners also pick terrazzo flooring because of its sustainability and easy maintenance.

Four Great Reasons to Restore Your Natural Stone Floor

Stone flooring is one of the oldest flooring options in human history. Stone flooring dates back thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians who used stone flooring cut from mountains to line their decadent palaces. It has been universally used and loved by...

Four Timeless Terrazzo Floor Designs

When it comes to designing beautiful business or home, there is a variety of concrete flooring options to choose from. Two popular options include polished concrete and stained concrete. However, one spectacular option that business owners often overlook is...