Granite floors are some of the most beautiful floors you can have in a home or business. Granite has been adored for many generations thanks to its incredible durability, resilience, design versatility, and gorgeous color. And it doesn’t take a lot of effort to keep your granite floors looking absolutely fantastic. With just a little work and regular cleaning, your granite floors will look as glossy and luminous as the day they were first installed.

In this post from the Minnesota floor specialists at ACT Restoration, we’re breaking down a few simple steps to maintaining your granite floors. To schedule your granite floor restoration or polishing services, give us a call today.

Daily Granite Floor Maintenance

Keeping your granite floors looking their best starts with how you care for them from day to day. These are a few simple daily habits you can adopt to keep your floors in good shape:

●        Sweep your floors every day to keep dust, dirt, and debris from piling up and scratching your granite floors as they’re walked upon.

●        Avoid dragging furniture across your floor. Instead, use felt furniture movers underneath furnishings when moving them.

●        Place doormats close to your entryway door, garage door entrance, and patio doors.

●        Address spills immediately to keep the floor from getting stained or damaged from acidity.

●        Clean floors regularly.

Cleaning Your Granite Floors

All granite floors should be cleaned regularly. Avoid using any harsh cleaners that could damage your granite even if you’re cleaning up a stain.

Never use these products on your granite floors:

●        Bleach

●        Hydrogen peroxide

●        Vinegar

●        Glass cleaner

●        Scrubbing pads

●        Steel wool

Although you can find many DIY granite cleaning recipes online, it’s best to use a product that’s specially formulated for cleaning granite floors. After removing all debris from your floors, use a soft fabric cloth or map with your dedicated cleaning formula. After mopping your floor in sections, allow the floor to dry completely or dry using a soft cloth before allowing anyone to walk on it. Never apply any type of polish or wax to your granite floors.

Sealing Your Granite Floors

In addition to regular cleaning, you should have your granite floors resealed at least once per year. Sealing your floors protects the granite and keeps your floors looking brighter and healthier. To learn more about our granite floor restoration and sealing services, give us a call at 763-432-3966 or contact us for a completely free estimate today.