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What Finishes Will Work With My Damaged Concrete Floor?

If your commercial building's floor is heavily stained by oil, or the surface is cracked and missing pieces of concrete, we can transform the damage with concrete floor refinishing. The floor specialists at Act Restoration can give your commercial building’s concrete floors a complete makeover and create a fresh, new look for your business for much less cost than it would take to install new flooring materials.

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How to Make Your Concrete Floor Beautiful

Polishing a concrete floor is a great way to get beautiful flooring for your business or home at a very affordable price. Not only does a polished floor look impressive, but it is also a very durable finish that doesn’t require a lot of expensive and time-consuming maintenance like some other types of flooring.

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The Dos and Don'ts of Cleaning Marble Flooring

Marble floor tile provides a rich, extravagant look to any home or commercial office. But such a brilliant material also requires dedicated upkeep. To avoid a premature floor restoration, here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind when taking care of your marble flooring.

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The Benefits of Concrete Commercial Floors

Selecting new floors for a commercial space is a big decision. Taking the time to educate yourself on the various types of floors that are available, as well as the benefits that each flooring option offers, allows you to make an educated decision as to which type of flooring is right for your commercial space. Read on to learn some of the benefits of concrete commercial flooring.

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