Granite floors are some of the most durable, attractive floors available for homes and businesses alike. But like all stone floors, granite can eventually start to show the wear and tear of time and traffic. Although regular floor maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your granite floors, you may eventually require granite floor restoration services.

At ACT Restoration in Minnesota, our floor restoration specialists work with homeowners and business owners to maintain beautiful granite and stone floors.

In this post, we’re sharing five signs that your granite floors are due for restoration. Give us a call to schedule your Twin Cities area granite floor services.

1. There are obvious cracks in your floor.

Although regular foot traffic isn’t likely to cause significant damage or cracks in your floor, heavy loads and impacts can cause the surface to fracture. When traffic continues over even minor floor damage, these spots can spread and become much more significant over time.

Additionally, an unsealed floor is more vulnerable to these types of cracks and damage. If your floor becomes dull, it’s time to have it refinished and resealed to protect against holes, cracks, and damage.

2. Scratches and etching are significant.

As noted above, when your floor’s seal begins to wear off, it can begin to look dull and become more vulnerable to damage. However, if this dullness is due to numerous cumulative scratches, it’s time to consider granite floor restoration.

Another common type of granite floor damage is etching. While etching may look like only a minor surface stain, it is a type of physical damage that is caused by a chemical reaction occurring with the surface of the natural stone or granite. Acidic spills are a common source of surface etching.

3. The floor is discolored or stained.

As a rule, it’s generally pretty rare to see staining on granite as it can be quite resilient. Although granite is incredibly durable, it is a naturally porous stone and can become discolored from coming into contact with certain substances when the sealant becomes weakened. As spills seep into the stone, they can lead to staining and discoloration.

Causes of discoloration can include prolonged exposure to heat and UV rays, cooking oils, acidic foods and beverages, mildew, mold, and even pigments and oils in cosmetics. But even water can end up staining your floors if it seeps into the pores of the granite significantly. If attempts to clean the stain from your floors are futile, it’s time to invest in granite floor restoration.

4. You’re planning to resell your home.

One of the best ways to impress potential buyers is with an elegant, newly restored granite floor.

A scratched and worn floor may not stand out to you as the seller, but you’d be surprised how much impact you can get out of a beautiful granite floor in showroom condition. This small detail may even help you get more out of your asking price.

5. The floors haven’t been well-maintained.

Ideally, granite floors should undergo professional maintenance about once every year or two. If you’ve recently purchased a home and the granite floors haven’t been maintained regularly, it’s a good idea to start fresh and schedule granite floor restoration services.

Keeping Your Granite Floors Looking Their Best

Protecting your granite floors begins with a commitment to regular cleaning and granite floor maintenance. To keep debris from getting onto your floors, station a doormat at every entrance to your home or office. Be sure to sweep your granite floors daily so dust and debris won’t scratch or dull them. Give your floors a wet mop cleaning at least once a week as well.

Additionally, be careful when moving furniture as you don’t want to scrape or damage your granite. Finally, remove spills from your floors as soon they happen to eliminate the chance that stains may form. 

Avoid using these products when cleaning granite:

●        Vinegar

●        Bleach

●        Glass cleaner

●        Hydrogen peroxide

●        Steel wool

●        Scrubbing pads

●        DIY cleaning methods

●        Wax

●        Polish
After cleaning your floors, be sure to completely dry them using a soft cloth before anyone walks on them.

Schedule Minnesota Granite Floor Restoration

Are your granite floors looking dull or damaged? As time goes by, most types of cumulative damage on natural stone floors will only get worse. Granite floor restoration services and regular floor sealing will get your floors looking pristine once more and keep them that way.

To get your granite floors looking their best once more, call ACT Restoration today at 763-432-3966 or contact us online. You’ll love what we can do for your home.