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You want the best for your home, and that starts from the ground up. So whether you’re building a new home or renovating an old, hire ACT Restoration & Polishing to provide durable floors that are unique and luxurious.

Residential Portfolio: Previous Projects
At ACT Restoration, we strive to approach each project as a unique case with its own set of challenges and particular creative elements. Here are just a couple of the unique residential projects that we’ve had the opportunity to work on:

Front Steps - Edina, MN
Improper prep techniques can turn a floor stain job into a mess, and that’s what happened with one Edina home owner who invested in two floor staining companies prior to ACT Restoration. With our hand grinding and shaping techniques, we repaired the damage and coated the concrete with an outdoor sealer so that the stairs would hold up over time and weathering.

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Outdoor Patio - Fridley, MN
Patios regularly erode under rain, snow, and wear (especially in Minnesota), and that’s one place where ACT Restoration can make a difference. A concrete patio in Fridley that had been originally poured in the 60’s or 70’s had developed chips, holes, and cracks. We ground down the surface until smooth before adding stain, enhancers, and a special product that adds slip-resistance. A small investment from these homeowners transformed the entire yard.

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Man Cave - Saint Michael, MN
In Saint Michael, we helped one man begin his dream man cave. We repaired, stained, and sealed 1,500 square feet of concrete floor to withstand game day and beyond. From spilled beer to dropped billiard balls, we are confident the surface will remain unblemished and easy to clean for years to come.

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What’s Next
Your home could be next! We look forward to talking with you about your floor installation and restoration needs. For any questions about our services, methods, or pricing, please contact ACT Restoration at (763) 432-3966.