They say everything old is new again, and nowhere has this been truer than in today’s home design trends. As we settle into the new Roaring Twenties, one material that’s coming back stronger than ever is terrazzo.

Beautiful, versatile, and low-maintenance, terrazzo is a highly customizable composite material with a wide range of applications for homes and businesses alike.

At ACT Restoration, we work with Twin Cities homes and businesses to restore concrete floors to smooth, even surfaces needed for beautiful terrazzo flooring. We can also completely restore your existing terrazzo floors.

In this post, we’re breaking down some of the best uses for terrazzo floor tiles. To get your floors ready for terrazzo tile installation, call our floor specialists today!

The History of Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo takes its origins in prehistory where it was first used to create Neolithic flooring as early as 9,000 BC. These ancient terrazzo floors have been found in locations like Cyprus and Jericho.

In ancient times, terrazzo flooring was created using clay and burnt lime with added ochre for a red and mottled look. Like today’s terrazzo floors, these early floors were polished after installation. The original process would have been incredibly time-consuming and intensive.

Throughout antiquity, Egyptians refined their terrazzo methods, creating beautiful murals we still marvel at today. Centuries later, terrazzo floors would grace Italian palaces only to be again revived during the mid-twentieth century. This latest terrazzo revival is a testament to its enduring beauty and strength, and we’re seeing terrazzo everywhere.

Check Out These Great Uses for Terrazzo Floors

1. Minimalist Baths

Since terrazzo is made with water and stain-resistant materials, it’s a great addition to your bathroom walls and on the floor. Light shades of terrazzo create a simple, spa-like backdrop for minimalist bathrooms, lending a chic and modern feel to the space.

One of the best ways to adopt terrazzo in your bathroom is to add it to your walls. Using terrazzo on your bathroom walls is simple and often more affordable than tile.

2. Monochromatic Kitchen

There’s something about a monochromatic kitchen. It sets a tone for uniformity in design across the kitchen walls, cabinetry, and countertops, creating a wonderful visual appeal. Terrazzo provides a superb alternative to marble and granite for achieving a monochromatic kitchen.

A simple, monochromatic terrazzo floor creates a bright, clean foundation in any modern kitchen. Or try adding a pop of color in the terrazzo for a bright contrast that doesn’t overwhelm your decor.

3. Elegant Living Space

Terrazzo isn’t just for kitchens and dining rooms anymore. With modern designs that bring new life to a look once seen as kitschy, more homeowners are trading in their hardwood and carpet for beautiful wall-to-wall terrazzo tiles.

Living space floors are a perfect place to add Terrazzo as it is a space in the house commonly used for family gatherings or guest entertainment and requires frequent cleaning. Terrazzo floors are difficult to scratch, stain or crack; hence it’s perfect if you’re tired of endless floor repairs in your living area.

Advantages of Terrazzo Flooring Tiles

Are you still wondering why terrazzo is now on the lips of every top floor remodeling contractor? Check out the list of advantages terrazzo brings!

●        Fire-resistant

●        Resistant to temperature changes

●        Resistant to abrasion

●        Environmentally friendly

●        Excellent decorative qualities

●        Suitable for different decorative styles

●        Water-resistant

●        Resistant to mold and mildew

●        It’s durable and affordable

●        Easy to maintain

●        High resistance to wear

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