Terrazzo is a composite material made from marble, granite, glass, quartz, and shell that is used basically for flooring, walls, stair treads, base, and other products with endless design demand.

Apart from being more eco-friendly and having the quality to retain its glossy finishing over time than other flooring materials, many residential and commercial homeowners also pick terrazzo flooring because of its sustainability and easy maintenance.

In this post, our terrazzo professionals have put together some qualities that make terrazzo flooring a sustainable and eco-friendly flooring option.

What Makes Terrazzo Flooring Eco-Friendly and Sustainable?

As the need to adopt more eco-friendly and sustainable materials in housing architecture mounts, more residential and commercial homeowners now see the need to prioritize terrazzo flooring in their apartments.

Because terrazzo is made from natural materials, it does not have some volatile organic compounds known as VOC as one of its components. Apart from losing their quality due to exposure to high temperature or high vapor pressure, VOC materials also have some health effects. 

However, this is not the case for terrazzo. Modern technology in architecture has led to the production of a type of terrazzo known as epoxy-terrazzo, which is more friendly to the environment. This epoxy-terrazzo is made from recycled components and adds to the durability of the terrazzo floors.

Importantly, experience has shown that no matter how old or damaged a terrazzo floor has become, our floor restoration professionals can fully restore and make your terrazzo glint again. We offer a restorative method mastered from many decades of handling terrazzo projects in Minnesota.

Terrazzo Maintenance Tips

Regardless of how strong it is built, the durability of any material rests on maintenance. Terrazzo might not be like tiles, wooden floors or carpet floors that do not stand the test of a long time; however, it deserves all the necessary maintenance you can give it.

Below are some helpful tips for maintaining your terrazzo’s beautiful polish.

1. Do not let spillage soak into the floor.

One of the ways to ensure that your terrazzo floor does not lose its shining effect is to ensure that you clean any stains immediately after they drop.

2. Use a neutral cleaner.

At Act Restoration, we have rendered services that involved terrazzo patching, terrazzo polishing, terrazzo stain removal, terrazzo waxing, and more.

We advise our customers against the use of bleaching chemicals to clean their terrazzo floors. Stubborn stains can hardly penetrate terrazzo floors; hence we always recommend using neutral cleaners.

3. Consult a terrazzo flooring expert.

Terrazzo floors hardly get damaged or stained, so there is little need for the regular invitation of terrazzo contractors for maintenance. However, in the rare situation where you notice a crack or a stain, invite an experienced terrazzo contractor right away.

4. Avoid some gloss restoration chemicals.

Do not use cleaners such as crystallizing salts, harmful alkali or acids to restore the gloss of your terrazzo. Using these products or related ones could prove harmful to your terrazzo floor.

Now that we have shared some reasons to consider using terrazzo in your next project or have the one you already have fully restored, why not call on our Minnesota terrazzo experts to discuss your project plans.

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