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ACT Restoration | Marble Floors

Twin Cities Experts in Marble Restoration

When marble flooring is restored to its original beauty through polishing and resealing, the natural stone creates a clean, earthy backdrop that’s unmatched by other flooring solutions. For millennia, marble has graced the halls of palaces and grand halls around the world. Just as it was centuries ago, marble is still one of the most beautiful flooring materials available, but as a natural stone, it can lose its luster over the years.

To keep your marble floors looking their best, ACT Restoration recommends scheduling regular maintenance every one to two years. Leave it to our experts to keep your marble looking pristine!

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Why We Love Marble Flooring

“Marble” comes from the Greek word for “shining” or “gleaming,” which refers to the beauty of marble’s natural geology. This metamorphic stone forms when a sedimentary stone, such as dolomite or limestone, recrystallizes and hardens. The natural composition of each stone creates natural patterning and veining unique to each slab. Each vein, pattern, or layer is caused by natural impurities from clay, iron oxides, silt, and sand.

From luminescent whites to salmons to greens, the range of marble color combinations is virtually infinite. And while marble is elegant and luxurious, it is also an approachable flooring solution that works well for homes and businesses alike – especially when taken care of by our flooring specialists!

Preserve the Timeless Beauty of Marble

Based in Brooklyn Park, ACT Restoration has offered marble floor restoration services for commercial and residential floors in the Twin Cities area since 2012. Call us at 763-432-3966 to schedule marble floor restoration services today!

Restore Your Marble Floors: Save money on floor replacement by restoring your scratched or dull marble flooring! We can polish your floors and seal them with a layer of protection.

Choose Professional Contractors: With more than 20 years of experience, our flooring experts know how to restore marble floors safely and effectively.

Get Excellent Service: We treat your home or business with the utmost respect, leaving nothing behind but beautifully restored marble floors.

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Marble Floor Polishing & Sealing

Like many other types of flooring, marble requires regular maintenance to retain its natural beauty. As a porous stone, marble can become damaged over time. The sedimentary property of limestone gives marble alkalinity that can also become discolored when it interacts with acidic spills while standing water can discolor the stone. This is why our flooring experts recommend having your marble floors restored every one to two years.

In addition to marble floor polishing to buff out scratches and create shine again, we can apply a urethane sealer to protect your floors from staining and pitting. Preserve your beautiful marble floors by scheduling marble floor restoration services with ACT Restoration today!

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