Terrazzo flooring is one of the oldest and most durable flooring systems that has passed the test of time. As a result, it continues to gain wide adoption across the United States in residential and commercial structures.

In this post, our terrazzo flooring experts at ACT Restoration discuss why terrazzo is an ageless flooring trend, and why you should retain and maintain yours.

Terrazzo Flooring: A Timeless Trend

Not too many flooring options have remained a timeless flooring trend like terrazzo, and you might be wondering why.

Some of the factors that have made terrazzo a timeless flooring trend are discussed below.


With all the green world efforts and policies in place, the last thing you would want to do is adopt a trend that threatens the ecosystem. Terrazzo is made from recycled materials, such as granite, marble, and quartz.

Advanced Durability

Terrazzo is more resistant to wear and tear than other tile materials, making it excellent for use as flooring in high-traffic areas. That said, choosing the right terrazzo matters.

Due to the high demand for the material, different types of terrazzo have flooded the market, including some poorly-made terrazzo that is brittle, and porous. Hence, you need a terrazzo expert to help you select the best quality for your floor.

This is another area where our terrazzo experts can help! You can quickly reach out to our flooring professionals to ensure that you have the best terrazzo tiles installed.


Again, some flooring systems or materials are not suitable for use in some places. But the same thing cannot be said about terrazzo. Our terrazzo experts have applied this flooring across different surfaces like the kitchen, bathroom, staircase, lounge, and other outdoor surfaces.

In addition, architects and designers consider terrazzo specs for their projects in schools, airports, and hotels because of its sustainability, durability, and design flexibility.

This wide adoption is possible because terrazzo restoration processes can restore terrazzo floors to their original look if done by an expert.

Easy Installation

Before now, installing the terrazzo floor was such a daunting task for flooring installation professionals. However, with the advancement of epoxy terrazzo, it’s easier to have your terrazzo installed. Epoxy terrazzo also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your floors, making it one of the most sought-after terrazzo flooring systems.

Ageless Beauty

Every other flooring style begins to fade after some years, but that is not the case for terrazzo. Because terrazzo is easy to clean, there is hardly any stain that sticks to it.

In addition, our experts have noted that terrazzo polishing is easier than polishing any other floor type. This also helps the floor to retain its radiance for longer years.

Again, despite the luxurious appeal of terrazzo flooring, it’s cost-effective, thereby making it a great choice for both the high and average-income earners in the United States.

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