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Even if you’ve never heard the word “terrazzo,” you’ve likely seen it in a Minnesota school or commercial building, or maybe inside a home. Terrazzo tiles are constructed by adding an aggregate (marble, quartz, granite, glass, etc.) to the topmost layer of concrete, exposing the chips of stone, and polishing until smooth. This flooring technique appears granular yet, in actuality, has a smooth, nonporous surface with a design aesthetic unlike any other.

ACT Restoration offers comprehensive terrazzo flooring services, from floor prep to installation, maintenance, repair, and restoration. Our terrazzo expertise also extends beyond flooring to any application, such as terrazzo sinks. Consider us your Minnesota terrazzo experts!

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Terrazzo Repair & Restoration

Terrazzo is a composite material, poured in place or precast, which is used for floor and wall treatments. It consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other suitable material, poured with a cementitious binder (for chemical binding), polymeric (for physical binding), or a combination of both.

Metal strips often divide sections, or changes in color or material in a pattern. Additional chips may be sprinkled atop the mix before it sets. After it is cured it is ground and polished smooth or otherwise finished to produce a uniformly textured surface. "Terrazzo" is also often used to describe any pattern similar to the original terrazzo floors.

Check out our residential and commercial portfolios to see our beautiful terrazzo installations and restorations.

Why Preserve Your Terrazzo?

Whether you seek new floor installation or have old terrazzo, consider the benefits:

Design Flexibility: The appearance of terrazzo is undoubtedly unique all on its own, and the colors, methods, aggregates, and patterns make every floor a one-of-a-kind design.

Environmental Friendliness: Terrazzo uses aggregate from the leftover materials of other projects and sources, reducing waste and adding durability that makes flooring last longer.

Sanitation: Terrazzo resists moisture and doesn’t allow bacteria growth due to its lack of porousness. Less harsh cleaning agents are required to maintain a sanitary surface.

Low Cost: From installation to maintenance, terrazzo flooring offers affordability for homeowners and commercial businesses.

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What to Know: Terrazzo Maintenance

Those benefits of terrazzo are merely the beginning; Low maintenance is another key feature. Like simple concrete and epoxy, terrazzo is nearly impenetrable to moisture and able to withstand weight and impact. Stains, chips, and scratches rarely occur.

If your older terrazzo flooring has minor chips or cracks, don’t ignore them. Repairing small damage today can prevent serious problems down the road. ACT can also refinish an original terrazzo floor in need of attention.

For installation, restoration, or any of the quality terrazzo floor services listed above, choose ACT Restoration! Our team brings over two decades of experience to every job. Call us at 612-750-5360 today!

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