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Every client deserves to see our workmanship before investing in our services, and that’s why we have set up this virtual portfolio of past projects. Discover more about the commercial floors we’ve installed and restored or peruse the pictures as a visual reference.

Commercial Portfolio: Previous Clients
ACT Restoration & Polishing has had the privilege of working with a myriad of companies and businesses on their floor needs. Projects have included concrete polishing, epoxy coatings, natural stone restoration and terrazzo restoration, polishing and installation.

The following are just a few of our previous clients featured in the portfolio:

Redstone Restaurant - Boston, MA
ACT Restoration & Polishing ventured to Boston to create a new indoor/outdoor floor finish for the prominent Redstone Restaurant. After being given a desired color scheme, we provided test samples and coordinated with Redstone on the perfect design, using a colored sealer and enhancers for a mottled red-brown tone.

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Onamia General Store - Onamia, MN
In 2013, the Onamia General Store was weighing whether or not to spend money on tearing out their concrete and repouring a new concrete floor. ACT Restoration & Polishing came in and assessed that almost half of the floor was damaged from poor original installation. To fix the floor’s air pockets and other weak points, we ground and skim-coated the floor three times to ensure a strong, level surface. We then stained and polished the concrete. The final product was amazing. The Before and After pictures tell the story.

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Honeywell Automation & Control - Golden Valley, MN
ACT Restoration & Polishing has worked with Honeywell International for a while now. When they called and said they had a rush order for a polished concrete floor in the plant in 2013, ACT took care of it. Why was it a rush job? Well, Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that employs nearly 2,000 laborers to manufacture products in the areas of aerospace, automation and control solutions. As such, it was one of several companies visited by President Barack Obama when he was on a nationwide tour of similar factories. We finished this project just before the President’s arrival!

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What’s Next
Your commercial property could be next! We look forward to talking with you about your floor installation and restoration needs. For any questions or to set up a meeting, please contact ACT Restoration & Polishing at (763) 432-3966.