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When you think about concrete, you might picture a sidewalk, driveway, or basketball court. But concrete flooring has been used for decades indoors within industrial and commercial buildings. More recently, it has picked up appeal in the residential construction of designer homes.

No matter where you have concrete flooring, it requires specific care and maintenance to stay looking its best and avoid developing trip hazards like cracks or chips. There are also many ways to customize concrete flooring during the process that can enhance interior design and/or safety. Trust ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park for the best concrete flooring services in Minnesota!

Concrete Floor Maintenance & Restoration

ACT Restoration offers comprehensive concrete floor restoration and maintenance services, from floor prep to finishes. Our flooring specialists understand how to help you find the right method of restoration based on your space and unique needs.

A properly maintained concrete floor can last indefinitely. For everyday wear and use, a simple mopping will suffice to keep the floor clean, which is especially useful in places with sand and snow. In addition, concrete floors should be professionally sealed or waxed once every three to nine months.

If your commercial or residential Minnesota property requires any of these services, contact ACT Restoration today!

  • Polishing
  • Staining
  • Sealing
  • Densifying
  • Grinding
  • Repair
  • Patching
  • Topping

Concrete Floor Prep

ACT Restoration installs new concrete flooring and repairs and restores old concrete flooring in Minnesota homes and buildings. No matter your concrete flooring needs, we deliver unbeatable quality! Read reviews from Twin Cities home and business owners, which demonstrate our commitment to personalized services that deliver value for your flooring investment.

Floor prep is critical to new construction and restoration projects alike. The ACT Restoration team is trained in the most advanced, efficient, and effective methods of preparing a floor to be coated and finished. We bring our knowledge to every project and individual circumstance, and our unique wet grind method with diamond abrasives offers significant advantages.

Concrete Floor Repair

Grinding, patching, and densifying – our flooring solutions cover all your concrete repair needs. Once it’s in good shape again, we can help you achieve beautiful, custom concrete floors with a variety of dyes, finishes, or levels of polish.

Want to repair trip hazards and restore concrete flooring in a high-traffic area? ACT has a solution for that. If you want to customize concrete flooring in a school to perfectly match your colors or install terrazzo over the concrete that perfectly matches other terrazzo in the building from the 80s, we have a solution for that too. Problem-solving and tapping into our artistic sides is something we do best!

Concrete Polishing & Sealing

Polished concrete is popular in commercial and residential buildings, providing a renewable and sustainable flooring finish. ACT Restoration mechanically grinds down existing concrete floors with abrasive pads to remove the concrete’s surface, then polishes it to shine to your specifications.

Where polished concrete achieves a glossy look through many levels of diamond grinding, grind-and-seal floors are finished with a sealer. Both floor restoration methods produce floors that are shiny and customizable! The main differences between polished vs. sealed concrete are floor finish, cost, and durability.

For a high-gloss finish that repels liquids, we recommend concrete sealing. This means grinding the floor and applying a topical sealer.

Concrete Dyes & Stains

After a concrete floor has been repaired, wet grinded, and coated, it can be colored with a dye or stain. ACT Restoration offers several options to customize your concrete; Dyes have gained recent popularity, while some business owners still swear by stained concrete. Our flooring specialists offer both methods and choose high-quality dye and stain brands, each with an extensive palette of color.

We recommend dying your concrete floor if it’s inside and staining your concrete floor if it’s outside, with some exceptions. Concrete dye offers more color variation if that’s what you seek. Our team excels at helping you understand your options and bringing your vision to life!

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