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Experts in Concrete Dyes & Stains

Like a house or room can be brightened with a fresh coat of paint, a floor can likewise pop with a fresh new color from an appropriately applied dye or stain. Color brings out the breadth of beauty and possibilities in the chosen material.

After a floor has been repaired, grinded, and coated, this is when it can be dyed or stained – and where immense creativity and design elements can really start to show beyond the material texture and embedded paint chips or flecks!

With ACT Restoration, a typical concrete floor can blossom from a drab gray into a breathtaking tone of blue, red, green, or any other shade you desire.

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Floor Dye & Stain Options

ACT Restoration integrates quality brands of dye and stains into our clients’ flooring projects. Contact us today with any questions!

Epoxies can be color-matched to a paint swatch for an additional cost.

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