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How to Decide Between Marble, Terrazzo, & Granite Flooring

Your flooring type contributes a lot to the general outlook of your home or commercial facility. When picking a flooring type, our flooring experts at ACT Restoration suggest that you consider the following factors: durability, design, cost, and maintenance.

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5 Reasons to Invest in Terrazzo Restoration

These beautiful floors have graced buildings since they were used to design mosaics in ancient Egypt. Later, terrazzo would be crafted using marble and concrete to create the Italian terrazzo that rose to popularity during the 18th century. And during the art deco era, it would dominate the American architectural scene.

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Best Uses for Terrazzo Flooring Tiles

Terrazzo has been on the trends for some time now. Read to find out why floor experts are adopting the terrazzo flooring tiles.

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