Stone flooring is one of the oldest flooring options in human history. Stone flooring dates back thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians who used stone flooring cut from mountains to line their decadent palaces. It has been universally used and loved by a great many cultures since then for its timeless beauty and incredible strength.


Today, stone flooring remains a popular flooring option in many homes. If your commercial business or home has stone flooring, count yourself lucky. In this blog post, our team of flooring specialists at ACT Restoration discusses some of the best reasons you should consider restoring your stone floor.


1.      Stone floors are durable.

There are many kinds of stone floors in use today, each with varying degrees of durability. Marble is slightly more porous than other natural stone flooring options, but all natural stone is durable. Slate is extremely resistant to chips, breaks, and other damage. Because of their durability, we can easily restore slate, marble, granite, limestone, and travertine floors to their natural beauty.


2.      Stone floors are low-maintenance.

One of the biggest advantages of a stone floor in your home or office is its ease of maintenance. Stone floors require very little attention. If you sweep them regularly and clean them with a gentle mop, they’ll look as good in a few decades as they do today.


3.      Stone floors are uniquely attractive.

Stone floors offer a timeless elegance that’s rare in many of today’s flooring options. Stone flooring has an inherent luxury, adding a layer of decadence to any environment. Because each stone is uniquely formed in the earth, a stone floor has a unique and unmatched look. Each stone is different and cannot be replicated.


4.      Stone floors are timeless.

Unlike carpet or linoleum, stone floors are not a trend and will not go out of style. Their classic, simple elegance creates an understated look that doesn’t overwhelm the decor in your home or business.


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