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Like most natural stone floors, granite is mined from the earth. Formed by cooling lava, which solidifies, granite is a unique type of igneous rock. Unlike smoother rock materials such as marble, granite tends to be dense, coarse, and grainy and is one of the hardest forms of natural stone. Its grainy texture is due to its crystalline structure.

If your old granite floor needs restoration, ACT Restoration can restore the stone to its original beauty. Based in Brooklyn Park, our Minnesota flooring specialists provide cost-effective floor restoration that brings out the unique beauty of granite and other natural stone floors in both residential and commercial buildings.

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Why Restore Your Granite Floors?

Easy to Maintain: Granite floors are easy to keep clean and require little maintenance. Simply sweep your floors regularly and mop occasionally with warm, soapy water. Granite is also resistant to stains.

Durable: Granite is the strongest of all natural stone flooring materials, making it ideal for heavy-traffic areas in your home or business. Granite is resistant to water damage and heat. It’s also difficult to scratch or damage with heavy impact.

Versatile: Granite can be found in restaurants and home bathrooms because of its incredible versatility. Granite flooring is timeless – a neutral backdrop for almost any decor style.

Elegant: Granite floors are a dimensional, elegant flooring solution that makes homes more attractive to potential buyers.

Granite Floor Refinishing Services

Although highly durable and low permeability, granite floors can lose their sparkle, and tiny scratches on the surface make floors look dull. Chips and cracks create added vulnerability and compromise the natural strength.

Choose ACT Restoration for granite floor refinishing that makes your floors look new!

Grinding: We use professional grinding technology to even out your granite floors, creating a smoother surface that’s easier to walk on and clean.

Repairing: We’ll eliminate imperfections like etches, scratching, chips, and wear patterns, restoring your floors to their smooth, clean, original appearance.

Patching: We can patch damaged areas for a seamless finish.

Polishing: Add a matte, gloss, or semi-gloss layer that protects and enhances the beauty of your floor.

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