Natural stone floors are one of the most stunning flooring options available for residential homes. Whether you’ve got limestone, granite, slate, travertine or marble, stone flooring options are as varied as they are spectacular.


They’re also incredibly durable and able to remain fantastic looking for many years with just a little maintenance. Our team at ACT Restoration is experienced helping homeowners keep all kinds of stone floors looking great. Read on to learn what it takes to maintain your natural stone floor.


1.      Don’t overlook regular cleaning and care.

Regular cleaning and care for your floor are fundamental components when caring for your stone floor. You’ll need to sweep your floor daily to keep dirt and debris from collecting. You will also need to clean it regularly.


Cleaning your stone floor is simple and requires only warm water and a non-abrasive, all-natural cleaner. Avoid lemon, vinegar, and other abrasive and acidic substances. Allow it to air dry for best results or use a soft fabric to dry it.


2.      Hone your floor when needed.

Even with regular cleaning and care, your stone floor will lose its luster over time. This is especially true for a floor in a heavy traffic area. It can also end up with minor scratches that can make it less attractive. Our floor polishing experts can hone your floor to give it back a beautiful, uniform sheen once more.


3.      Seal it regularly.

Some types of stone flooring require regular sealing to protect them and keep them looking great. We recommend scheduling annual sealing as part of your regular stone flooring maintenance plan. Our floor experts can seal your floor, which protects it from staining and pitting.


4.      Address repair issues right away.

Sometimes, a heavy impact or unexpected spill can create damage or stain. Don’t leave these issues unaddressed or they could expand. A small flaw can become significant if it’s overlooked. It’s always a good idea to get a professional floor repair right away to keep your floors looking great.


Brooklyn Park Natural Stone Floor Specialists

If you’ve got natural stone floors in your home or business, count yourself lucky. Whether you’ve got beautiful onyx tiles or stately marble, stone floors create a backdrop of pure elegance in any setting. Our team of flooring specialists can work with you to create a natural stone floor maintenance strategy so your floors will look stunning for many years to come. Call our team at 612-750-5360, or contact us to schedule your appointment.