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ACT Restoration | What to Expect

Experience the Benefits of Floor Restoration

Don’t replace your floor – restore it! ACT Restoration stands by the belief every floor should be repaired and restored when possible rather than replacing the floor completely.

Money: Reuse old material, whether it’s concrete, natural stone, or terrazzo. When new material isn’t shipped in and installed, the price of flooring considerably decreases.

Time: Restoration takes less time than ordering and installing new flooring. Open your doors and get back to business quickly, or get back to normal at home sooner.

Environment: Even if we can’t restore your floor, we can typically repair and use the subfloor in a new design. Either way, we reduce waste and carbon footprint.

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Who We Serve

ACT Restoration operates out of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota and primarily serves clients in the Midwest, though our team has completed flooring jobs elsewhere in the country, including Boston, Massachusetts. Our expertise in both residential and commercial properties gives us the upper hand to create exactly what you’re looking for based on an understanding of each project’s individual goals.

Our process includes a personalized consultation and flooring assessment. Whether you’re looking for high-traffic flooring solutions for your business or sustainable residential concrete, ACT Restoration’s work is remarkable. When it comes to floor restoration and installation, we can’t be beat!

Services for All Flooring Types

Why go through the trouble of replacing old, worn, or damaged flooring when you can save money and time restoring it?

Concrete: Transform your concrete flooring into a stunning, easy-to-maintain masterpiece with professional grinding, polishing, and dyeing services.

Terrazzo: Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your school, home, or building by seamlessly restoring and matching the unique terrazzo flooring with ACT's expert services.

Natural Stone: Preserve the grandeur and inviting charm of your marble, limestone, granite, or other natural stone floor with expert restoration and maintenance services.

Epoxy: Safeguard your concrete floors from chemical corrosion and salt damage while adding decorative touches like quartz, paint chips, or metallic finishes.

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Why Choose ACT Restoration?

Experience: ACT Restoration has been operating since 2012. Our owner Ryan Cain has accumulated over 20 years of combined experience in creating impeccable concrete, terrazzo, and stone floors.

Technique: We’ve studied the various methods of grinding, repairing, and polishing floors to develop a floor prep process with maximum efficiency, accuracy, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

Beautiful Results: ACT Restoration takes pride in our floor craftsmanship. Our portfolio of many diversified residential and commercial projects speaks for itself.

Top Quality Products: Our team partners with the biggest name brands in all of the stains, dyes, and refinishing products we use to create your stylish new floors.

Reviews & Testimonials From Our Customers

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