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ACT Restoration | Concrete Polishing

Experts in Concrete Floor Polishing

Concrete polishing results in beautiful, long-lasting, low-maintenance floors that look high-end but are low-cost. Whether industrial or residential, the versatility of polished concrete flooring gives you a sleek and stunning look fit for your needs, and ACT Restoration is here to help you get that perfect fit!

For stylish, durable flooring for your home, a professional look in your store or office, something tough and clean for a warehouse, and everything in between, polished concrete is versatile. With a variety of colors, grids, stamping, and patterns to choose from, ACT Restoration can create a statement with your floor! Take a look at the dyes and stains we offer to complete your commercial or residential project.

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Benefits of Concrete Polishing

On top of the many benefits of concrete flooring, polished concrete has its perks!

  • Affordable choice with an upscale, modern feel
  • Stylish yet durable, great for high-traffic spaces
  • A spectrum of colors and four levels of finish give unique possibilities
  • Efficient, low-maintenance option
  • Moisture-resistant and hypoallergenic
  • Boasts tremendous longevity over other flooring types
  • Environmental and economic
  • Reduce concrete dusting effect on existing floor

The possibilities are endless when it comes to providing you with a look uniquely fit to your space. ACT Restoration works hard to create individualized solutions or implement tried-and-true ones where fitting. To learn more about our process, give us a call at 763-432-3966.

Polished Concrete: Style, Design, & Shine

There are an assortment of colors and designs to consider and four levels of finish that affect the floor shine.

Level One: A matte finish with low reflectivity is achieved by removing any coatings, leveling the surface, and applying a concrete hardener.

Level Two: Building on the level one process, a slightly more reflective finish with a low sheen is produced with a polishing step to increase shine.

Level Three: A higher shine yet, there are three polishing steps to achieve the reflectivity of this finish.

Level Four: Considered full finish, the most reflective and glistening finish uses five polishing steps, leaving a floor with a classy look that sparkles.

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What to Know: Polished Concrete Maintenance

You won’t find a longer-lasting, lower maintenance floor out there! Polished concrete floors don’t require any special cleaning product, and no stripping or waxing is necessary. Routine dry and wet mopping will keep the surface from collecting debris and dirt. The process of polishing concrete makes the material denser and harder, which helps repel excess moisture or other materials.

Perfect for high-traffic spaces, polished concrete isn’t like other flooring. Increase the abrasion resistance and strength of existing concrete floors when you polish. With a hardened, sealed surface that lacks cracks and crevices, deterioration by dirt, moisture, and other debris is limited. The finish will last as long as the concrete is there – 10, 20, or 100 years!

Floor Prep Before Concrete Polishing

Some projects will showcase the concrete floor with polishing, while others opt for an epoxy or terrazzo layer. Either way, ACT Restoration must first smooth out the existing concrete.

Our floor prep consists of grinding and polishing the existing concrete floor to remove cracks, chips, bubbles, and other damage that may have occurred naturally over time or due to extreme pressure and use in a commercial facility.

Unlike most flooring companies, ACT Restoration has a unique process for grinding and polishing concrete that utilizes a wet grind method with diamond abrasives. The water acts as a lubricant which reduces friction and cools the grinding discs.

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The Warehouse Finish

The Warehouse Finish is a two-step grind and seal process. A liquid treatment added between steps helps harden the surface of the concrete. Unless you request otherwise, we also patch all holes and cracks with a long-lasting pigmented epoxy material, which is ground flush with the floor's surface. An acrylic sealer finishes the floor.

This is a functional finish meant to remove surface erosion, help give the floor a more uniform look, and make it an easily cleanable surface. However, it has low reflective properties. We recommend this for projects on a tighter budget or that don't necessarily need a WOW factor. For additional savings, patching can be removed from the process.

The High Gloss Finish

Our High Gloss Finish contains all of the steps as the Satin Finish but goes on with two more steps of grinding. Along with the extra steps of grinding, the acrylic sealer is burnished (or heat treated) to give maximum protection and reflectivity.

The gloss level can be compared to that of a polished granite countertop. It is chemically resistant to food and drink spills, making it a good candidate for breakrooms, grocery stores, and restaurants.

It is recommended that you burnish the floor annually to semi-annually, depending on the amount of foot traffic.

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Urethane Coating

Our Urethane Coating process is very similar to the Warehouse Finish, except that when the grinding/patching/hardening treatment is complete, we then apply a long-lasting highly chemically resistant clear urethane coating.

The urethane coating can be put down as a gloss or matte finish; both are UV-resistant and non-yellowing. The gloss finish mimics the look of polished concrete. We recommend this finish for areas where chemicals and food spills are prevalent and also for those who don't want to deal with annual to semi-annual maintenance.

Maintenance is recommended every 3 to 5 years and must be done by a certified installer.

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