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Flooring Services for MN Homes

Concrete flooring inside a Minnesota home might initially seem out of place until you consider the benefits and unique aesthetic. It’s no surprise concrete has gained popularity in designer Twin Cities homes; Known for its strength and durability, concrete has been a standard in floors for over 100 years!

Imagine that same durability in any room, from a personal workshop to a kitchen floor. Concrete resists wear so that dropping a toolbox or enduring pet claws and high heels won’t chip or even scratch the surface.

Concrete floors may be polished, stained, and finished to appear like marble or earthy natural stone. ACT Restoration’s colors and textures add a unique element to any home!

Residential Epoxy Floor Services

Epoxy is a coating applied to concrete to protect it from chemicals, salt, and abrasion. Epoxy has a need in a lot of different industries, but in a home, it can be less of a need and more of a design element. It has a wide array of options, from flake floors for a man cave to metallic epoxies for the family room. Epoxy can add a unique look to your home and last as long as 20 years without any professional maintenance!

Personal home gyms, kitchens, and other rooms in Minnesota homes have been outfitted with epoxy by our team for a durable, maintenance-free, customized look.

Residential Natural Stone Floors

Stone flooring exudes grace, elegance, and style, varying from glossy and bright to a honed matte finish. Marble flooring is popular in kitchens, bathrooms, and even throughout an entire house; Many people with allergies install this floor type because, unlike carpet or wood, natural stone flooring is hypoallergenic.

Granite flooring resists scratches and stains, while slate offers natural stone flooring that’s waterproof and slip-resistant. While ACT Restoration doesn’t install new natural stone flooring, we do offer a variety of services to maintain the natural stone flooring you love in your home or to restore stone flooring in a renovated property. Our experience means expert results!

Residential Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo flooring has the benefit of being a blank canvas; You can customize a patio, living area, or dining room with a terrazzo mosaic reminiscent of the Italian masters or opt for a monochromatic terrazzo workroom, home gym, or playroom. With terrazzo, almost any design style or aesthetic is possible. It’s that kind of versatility that makes a home unique!

Perhaps you already have terrazzo floors and simply need an update rather than an installation. Both of these services and more are possible with ACT Restoration. Learn more about our services, and feel free to contact our flooring experts – we’re here to help!

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