Whether in a home or a commercial building, old concrete floors can be unsightly and even dangerous. They may be cracked, stained, and generally aged. You may be worried that you have to replace the entire floor. That’s not true!

The good news is that old concrete, regardless of age, is usually a good candidate for floor refinishing and polishing. The only exceptions to this rule are a concrete floor that is very damaged and in need of extensive repairs or a poorly poured and floated floor with many extreme dips and valleys in the surface.

If your floors are in good enough condition for refinishing, then ACT Restoration will follow a precise process to refinish your concrete floors and make them look like new!

Removing the Grime

It’s typical for old concrete floors to need a lot of cleaning. Many years of dirt, grime, and oil have accumulated on the surface, and there is usually some minor surface damage as well.

When preparing the surface of old concrete for floor polishing, a good cleaning is required for the next step. If the cement floor has been painted or sealed in the past, those coatings will also have to be removed to expose the raw cement.

Grinding the Concrete

After all dirt, stains, or old coatings such as paint have been removed and small cracks filled in, our highly trained floor polishing specialists use special equipment to grind the concrete and make it smooth and polished.

In order to correctly polish a concrete floor to achieve superior results, we use a multi-step process to ensure the highest quality floor for our customers.

Floor Prep

Floor prep consists of grinding and polishing your existing floors to remove those cracks, chips, bubbles, and other damage.

The floor must be a smooth surface in order to have the best result in the end.

Wet Grind Method

ACT Restoration has a unique process for grinding and polishing concrete floors. We use a wet-grind method with diamond abrasives. The water helps lubricate, reduces friction, and cools the grinding disc. Instead of dry dust coating your entire room, the water helps trap the dust and turn it into a slurry.

There are many benefits to the wet grind method. It is a more accurate method of refinishing concrete floors, and it is more thorough.

It’s also healthier and more environmentally friendly because the dust does not enter the breathable air. The slurry can then be recycled for other purposes, like road mix.

Special Finishes

After the concrete floor is ground and polished, finishing the floor with floor dying or acid stain can create beautiful and unique effects. In an office or restaurant setting, concrete floor polishing combined with a floor-dying process can create a one-of-a-kind floor that will be the focal point of your decor.

When it comes to special finishes for your newly polished floor, there is an amazing array of colors, stains, and refinishing techniques to enhance the appearance of your concrete floor. Our floor polishing specialists can recommend different options for you to choose from for your residence or commercial building.

Some potential finishes for your concrete floor include:

●        Warehouse: Helps to harden the concrete surface

●        Satin: Includes finer grinding and has a finished showroom-quality floor

●        High Gloss: Has extra grinding compared to satin, and an acrylic sealer is added to help shine the floors

●        Urethane Coating: Similar to the warehouse finish, except that a long-lasting, chemical-resistant clear urethane coating is added.

Save Your Old Concrete Floors With ACT Restoration

At ACT Restoration, we strive to create the ideal polished floor for each of our customers, residential or commercial. Since 2012 we have proudly served our Twin Cities area community, providing the best quality and craftsmanship possible.

Our dedication to quality shows! We use the best quality products available to produce the most excellent floor restoration. For every project, we work hard to restore each floor as a work of art. We also restore terrazzo and natural stone floors to provide more options for residential and commercial applications.

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