When you’re in charge of a commercial warehouse facility, one of the most important things you can do is to maintain a safe work environment. Unfortunately, workplace injuries are extremely common in warehouse environments, especially injuries caused by insufficient concrete floor maintenance.

Warehouse floors are subjected to a heavy amount of pedestrian and equipment traffic every day. Even minor spots and cracks can create a slip-and-fall risk that could lead to injury, reduced efficiency, and even financial liability for a company.

To prevent these types of injuries, regular spot repair services including crack and patch repair are an essential component of every warehouse facility maintenance plan. Read on to learn how our floor refinishing pros at ACT Restoration can help create a safer work environment with concrete floor refinishing.

The Challenges of Warehouse Flooring

Concrete warehouse flooring is subjected to more abuse than all other forms of commercial flooring. During a regular workday, warehouses are subjected to a wide range of equipment, types of impact, and weight.

Despite being a tough work environment, most warehouses need to look clean and presentable for visitors and clients. But the most important reason to keep warehouse floors free of damage is to create a safer workplace. In addition to workplace injuries, minor cracks and damage can lead to reduced productivity, vehicle operator error, poor sanitation, housekeeping problems, and vehicle damage.

These are some of the most common sources of damage to warehouse flooring:

●        Equipment like pallet trucks, forklifts, and other vehicles

●        Scratches from dragging and moving heavy loads

●        Corrosive chemical spills

●        Heavy weight impacts from drops

It’s important to fill cracks and joints as soon as you notice them, because even a small flaw will quickly get worse. As forklifts go over and over your flooring, your concrete will continue to erode and break away until it eventually causes damage to forklift tires and carts.

Unfilled Joints

Improperly Treated Joints

Warehouse Finish Services

At ACT Restoration, our wide range of floor refinishing services includes Warehouse Finish treatment for spots, cracks, and patches. We use a two-step grind and seal process to patch all of the cracks and holes in your concrete using a long-lasting epoxy material that we grind flush with the floor surface. Finally, we finish the area using an acrylic sealer to remove surface erosion and create a surface that’s easier to clean.

These are the most common signs your warehouse flooring needs floor refinishing services:

●        Skid marks from tires

●        Gouges from dragging

●        Scratches due to damaged pallets

●        Scratches due to incorrect forklift operation

●        Uneven floor surfaces

●        Permanent markings

Contact Our Twin Cities Floor Refinishing Contractors

Don’t wait for a serious workplace incident to address damaged floors. Address minor repair issues right away so your floor is up to the challenge of a busy work environment.

To schedule your concrete floor refinishing services, give us a call today at 612-750-5360. You can also contact us to get an estimate and learn more about our spot repair services.