Many types and sizes of businesses benefit from exposed concrete flooring, including retail, restaurants, and office spaces. While some business owners might think they need to cover exposed concrete with tile, wood, or carpet, others understand that’s not necessarily true.

The truth is exposed concrete offers many benefits, and depending on what’s most important to your business, it’s often a better choice than other flooring materials that are high maintenance. If you’re considering whether or not to cover your exposed concrete, you should first carefully consider all your options.

As flooring restoration experts, ACT Restoration would like to help you understand why keeping your exposed concrete flooring might be the right choice for your business!

Benefits of Exposed Concrete Flooring

Most businesses can enjoy the many benefits of exposed concrete flooring, starting with the fact that concrete floors are very durable. Concrete takes a lot of effort to damage, making concrete floors incredibly difficult to dent, crack, stain, scuff, or scratch.

This is not true about many other types of flooring. Concrete floors can withstand your daily operations with ease.

Another benefit of concrete floors is low maintenance. When properly sealed, concrete floors can withstand spills and chemicals. The little bit of maintenance involves regular cleaning to keep your floors looking great.

Concrete floors are also great for the environment. Since you don’t necessarily have to cover it, you can save on money and materials. You can save money too, since you just need to polish and stain a concrete floor rather than replace or cover it.

Get the Right Services to Enhance Your Concrete Floors

When you think of exposed concrete, you might think of something like a basement floor. But there are many ways to shine a concrete floor to make it look amazing.

Call us to learn more about some of ACT Restoration’s services for treating concrete floors!


Polishing your concrete floor is a chemical-free way to make your floors shine. It results in beautiful, long-lasting floors that require low maintenance in both residential and industrial settings.

Polished concrete floors also offer various finishing options, allowing your business to achieve the level of gloss you prefer.


Like wood, concrete floors can be stained with various colors to help match your business’s interior design. If we don’t have what you’re looking for at ACT Restoration, we can even create a custom shade.


Sealing keeps your floors from absorbing spills and leaks. Concrete floors should be professionally sealed or waxed once every three to nine months.

Grinding and Repair

If your floor develops a crack, we can usually grind and repair the concrete without having to replace the entire floor. Having your concrete floor repaired is typically a fairly straightforward and simple process.


If needed, our flooring restoration pros can also patch your concrete floor when it's required.

Ongoing Maintenance

Proper maintenance is important for concrete flooring in a commercial setting. ACT Restoration can help you get the most out of your floors by waxing or sealing every 3 to 9 months, depending on traffic, to help maintain your floor’s durability.

Should You Keep Your Concrete Floors?

Our flooring experts say yes! Concrete floors can look much more beautiful than people think. Plus, it's versatile, and if you ever do want to cover it with something else, you already have a built-in subfloor.

Consider enhancing your concrete floors by checking out how a concrete floor can be polished. Polished concrete flooring gives you a sleek and stunning look that appears high end but is actually low cost.

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