There once was a time when wall-to-wall carpeting was the greatest thing since sliced bread. But these days, carpet can make a home seem dated. That’s why more homeowners are pulling up their outdated carpets in favor of tile flooring.

Unfortunately, carpets tend to leave their mark on the concrete underlayment with heavy mastics and glues. To prepare your floors for new tile or flooring installation, ACT Restoration offers concrete grinding and floor prep services.

At ACT Restoration, our concrete floor polishing team has been serving the Twin Cities region for more than a decade. In this post, we’re breaking down how our floor prep service can get your floors ready for new flooring installation. To learn more about our floor prep services, give us a call today.

The Importance of Concrete Floor Prep

We work with homeowners all the time who want to remove their old carpet or tile flooring and start fresh. But what about concrete that’s long been covered in mastics and glue or seen damage from impacts?

The great thing about concrete is that with the right concrete grinding floor prep, almost any concrete floor can be completely transformed into a clean, workable surface that’s ready for new flooring installation.

Using the correct professional concrete floor prep is important for making sure your floors install properly and is frequently required to validate manufacturer warranties. These warranties will often stipulate that the concrete layer underneath the flooring meets specific profile requirements.

The Floor Prep Process

The concrete layer underneath your carpet or tile needs to be completely smooth and level before applying new flooring. No matter what the cause of your flooring damage or what materials are stuck to your concrete, we have a solution. Using shot blast and our wet grind method, we completely level your floors to prepare for floor installation.

The wet grind process uses water and diamond abrasives which offer several benefits over traditional grind methods:

●        No harmful dust is released

●        Creates more accurate results

●        Thoroughly repairs chips, cracks, and other damage

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