When most people think about concrete floors, there’s a good chance their concept is a fairly limited one. Thanks to innovations in concrete floor stains and dyes, today’s concrete floors can be stained in a wide variety of styles and designs.

Homeowners and business owners alike are choosing to refinish and stain their concrete because it’s so versatile and attractive. One of the biggest trends in polished concrete floors is to embrace colors that can be found in nature. Elegant in their understated simplicity, natural tones like earth hue and near-neutrals add nuanced style to any home or place of business.

To help inspire your concrete refinishing project, our ACT Restoration concrete floor staining specialists are sharing some of the prettiest natural stain ideas.

Concrete Dyes Offer Versatility in Color & Style

One of the most surprising things about concrete floor refinishing is just how many color options are available. No longer limited to shades of gray, concrete floors today can be dyed in any color imaginable from vibrant pops of color in any shade of the rainbow to more subtle hues.

At ACT Restoration, we offer all of these stains and dyes for your concrete floors:

●        Fresco Stains

●        Ameripolish

●        Tinte D’Acqua

●        Tique Wash

●        Vivid Dye

●        Smart Color

●        Solid Color Stain

Natural-Looking Concrete Floor Staining Ideas

The great thing about modern floor designs is that everyone has access to the principles of color and design thanks to the Internet. More homeowners are embracing subdued, natural shades as an ideal backdrop for many modern home furnishings.

Consider these great natural concrete floor stain ideas in your home or business:

●        Sandy, desert-inspired hues like Smartcolor Quayle Potatoe or Newlook’s Spanish Clay

●        Muted forest tones like Tinte D’Acqua Antebellum or Endura Faux Fusion’s Russian Olive

●        The warmth of red clay with hues like Tinte D’Acqua Venetian Clay or Terra Cotta and Jasper from TiqueWash

●        Calming echoes of the Atlantic in shades like TiqueWash Seafoam and Arctic Chill

What Is the Concrete Dyeing Process?

There is some work involved when it comes to dyeing concrete. The professional contractor you hire to dye your concrete floors will follow the below steps to ensure that your finished floor is shining and looks brand new.

Prep the Surface

The concrete must be free of all debris, dirt, oil, sealers, adhesives, or anything that might prevent the dye from bonding with the surface. A degreaser is a good way to clean the floors with a medium concentration of the solution and scrub the floor with a nylon brush. Rinse with clear water. To speed up the drying process, a squeegee or shop vac can be used to suck up the excess water.

If needed, a concrete grinder will be brought in to remove old stains and other hard-to-remove spots on your concrete floor. This is a quick way to prep your floors for the new dye job.

Fill Cracks & Imperfections

Your contractor will use a concrete patching compound to fill any cracks in the concrete.

Apply Primer

A primer is applied to the floor to help the dye adhere to the concrete. It will also help ensure even coverage over the entire floor. This process can take a while because of the drying time needed for the primer. It can take approximately 12 hours to dry completely.

Apply Concrete Dye

Your contractor will now apply the concrete dye. There are specific measurements involved in concrete dye mixtures, so careful mixing is required. After the dye is properly mixed, the dye is applied to the concrete floor. For deeper colors, extra layers can be added. After eight hours, the sealer can be applied to the top of the dye. If needed, a second coat can be applied.

Enjoy Your Beautiful New Floor

It feels good to know that you saved money by polishing and dyeing your concrete floor, which is also better for the environment. Your custom concrete floor is ready to dazzle your friends. They won’t believe it’s just concrete!

Just make sure you maintain your floors properly.

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