Whether you’re running a retail outlet or an office, protecting your high-traffic floor areas matters. You have a few factors to consider. While your flooring should be slip-resistant, it should also look good. If you’re not sure which floor finish to pick, we’ll lend a hand.


ACT Restoration and Polishing has serviced numerous commercial locations in the past, tightening up room looks while securing long-term defense.


The Epoxy Floor Finish

An epoxy finish will make your business floors strong, dependable, and attractive. Epoxy is a great option for concrete floors, providing a smooth finish which lasts for many years. If your business uses cement flooring—or if your back-stock area does—epoxy is your best friend.


Boosting Your Floor’s Aesthetic

While concrete may not seem like a viable flooring option at first, it’s surprisingly conducive to a positive customer experience. Exceptionally tough, concrete flooring can withstand heavy traffic, heavy machines, and everything in between. Unsurprisingly, businesses opt for concrete floors to handle the strain of forklifts—and even cars.


By polishing your concrete floor, you can avoid typical waxing and sealing solutions. A concrete floor epoxy floor finish is easy to clean, and it’s even easier to look at. A finished concrete floor appears marble-like, displaying the concrete’s included textures and dye with great appeal.


Pairing Your Finished Concrete with Natural Stone

You may want a little variety in your workplace. If you’re segmenting the store, want a unique showroom or simply need to mix things up, natural stone is a good option. Natural stone, like concrete, is durable. It’s a great option for high-traffic areas, resisting the wear-and-tear of customers while still being attractive. We suggest using one of the harder natural stones, like granite, limestone or sandstone. Don’t worry: You can put a finishing coat on natural stone, too. Floor refinishing isn’t limited by the floor’s material.


If you want to redefine your work area, call ACT Restoration today at 612-750-5360. We’ve been in the business for years, serving as Brooklyn Park’s go-to source for floor staining, floor dying, and floor refinishing. Every business needs a strong foundation—and we’re here to supply it. As your floor specialists, we’ll make sure your area is fit for service.


If you have any questions, ask one of our talented service providers for assistance. Ready to tackle any job, our technicians utilize years of experience to dye, stain, resurface, polish and clean any surface presented to them. When you work with ACT Restoration, your business is our priority.