Elegant and versatile, terrazzo floors are some of the most attractive floors available for homes and businesses alike. And the love of terrazzo floors is nothing new. Terrazzo is truly a timeless flooring trend!

These beautiful floors have graced buildings since they were used to design mosaics in ancient Egypt. Later, terrazzo would be crafted using marble and concrete to create the Italian terrazzo that rose to popularity during the 18th century. And during the art deco era, it would dominate the American architectural scene.

Today’s terrazzo floors are available in nearly limitless design options and look just as beautiful as they did in the ancient halls of history. Homeowners and commercial businesses opt for terrazzo to this day, because it’s a sustainable flooring option made from natural materials.

Check out these great reasons to invest in your terrazzo floors in this post from our floor restoration team at ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota!

When Terrazzo Floors Need Restoration

Is it time for terrazzo repair? If you’ve got aging terrazzo floors, it’s crucial to stay on top of repairing small issues that arise. If not tackled on time, these issues will only worsen, interfering with the durability and beauty of your floors.

Here are some possible issues that require terrazzo restoration:

●        Chips

●        Cracks

●        Holes

●        Stains

●        Discoloration

●        Etching

●        Scratches

●        Dull finish

Terrazzo Floor Restoration Is Worth the Investment

If your terrazzo floors are in need of restoration, you might be tempted to cover them up or start fresh. But no matter how old or damaged your terrazzo might be, our floor restoration professionals can bring it back to its original beauty.

Here are several reasons you should consider reinvesting in your terrazzo floors!

1. Terrazzo Lasts Longer Than Other Types of Flooring.

Terrazzo is one of the most durable and long-lasting types of flooring available. Although the average life cycle for terrazzo floors is around 75 years, they may last for a century or longer with the right level of care and maintenance.

2. Terrazzo Flooring Is Easy to Clean.

Looking for low maintenance flooring? Terrazzo floors are some of the easiest types of floors to clean!

Unlike carpet, which requires constant cleaning and never quite comes completely clean; or hardwood, which requires frequent sanding, terrazzo only needs a mop, water, and a little soap.

3. Terrazzo Floors Are Hypo-Allergenic.

While other types of flooring are much more porous, terrazzo floors have a high degree of density and won’t harbor bacteria and allergens. This makes them a cleaner, safer flooring solution for anyone with allergies, asthma, or special health needs.

4. Restoring Your Terrazzo Saves You Money.

Terrazzo restoration can save you more money than you think. Most times, the restoration process costs only a fraction of what it would have cost to install a new floor. Hence, our terrazzo floor experts advise that you should not replace your terrazzo floors when a simple restoration can make them like new again.

5. Terrazzo Can Fit Any Environment

The spotted appearance of terrazzo fits well with many different design aesthetics, so even if you’re updating other aspects of your building’s interiors, it’s worth it to keep the original terrazzo flooring.

Restoring your terrazzo can bring your damaged floors back to life, providing many more years of timeless beauty that will outlive the trends!

How Long Will Terrazzo Restoration Last?

The average lifespan of a professional refinishing job for terrazzo floor in a home is 8 to 10 years.

As long as you keep a good habit of maintaining your terrazzo floor, it will still look great even after 20 years. In situations where your terrazzo gets dull, all it needs is a good polishing, which you may need about every five years.

Is a Restored Terrazzo Floor Slippery?

Naturally, terrazzo floors are not meant to be slippery. However, if you use some bad sealers, your terrazzo may end up being slippery over time. So, to avoid situations where you end up with a slippery terrazzo, ensure that you choose a flooring restoration professional who uses the ideal methods for your home or property.

Work With Local Flooring Restoration Experts in the Twin Cities

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