When it comes to designing beautiful business or home, there is a variety of concrete flooring options to choose from. Two popular options include polished concrete and stained concrete. However, one spectacular option that business owners often overlook is terrazzo.


Its versatility in color and design means it can create a wide range of design ideas. We’ve put together this list of four great terrazzo floor design ideas to inspire you as you design your perfect terrazzo floor.


1.      The Beauty of Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo is tiling created using an aggregate such as quartz, marble, glass, or granite. Our floor specialists place these chips in tinted concrete, creating a world of design possibilities. These tiles offer a striking, textured appearance while maintaining a smooth surface.


Our terrazzo experts use divider strips made of zinc, wood, alloy, or brass to create sections of different colors on the same surface. These strips can even become part of the design.


2.      Use Color Intentionally

Terrazzo can be color matched to meet any color needs. You can use contrasting colors to denote directional markings or create a bold, visible path to encourage foot traffic. Simple color can also make a strong statement.


A dark floor can look sleek and ultra-modern, while a bright white or light-colored floor can create a clean minimalist appearance. Use neutral colors to create a calm space, or integrate bright color patterns to encourage an energetic and lively feel. 


Here are few more ways to create color with terrazzo:

a.      Colored aggregates against white or light floors

b.      Light aggregates against dark floors

c.      Bold concrete with contrasting aggregates


3.      Incorporate Your Brand

These days, branding plays a bigger role than ever in creating loyal customers. Key elements of branding include maintaining a consistent font style and color scheme in everything attached to your organizational name. Terrazzo offers a bold, outstanding way to tie in with your branding.


Use terrazzo tiles to place your logo in a prominent spot where your customers can be reminded of your organizational brand. You can also use it to create graphics and floor markings that match the style and tone of your branding.


4.      Draw on the Classics

When in doubt, a return to the classics is a great way to find inspiration. Terrazzo flooring has been used for more than 10,000 years, and with good reason. It offers a versatile, durable flooring.


Mosaics were one of the oldest and most common uses of terrazzo throughout history. Look to art deco for geometric design inspiration.


Twin Cities Terrazzo Floor Specialists

If you’re looking for a bold new way to refinish your concrete floors, terrazzo is the perfect solution. Our floor restoration experts can help you bring your old concrete floors back to life using concrete floor resurfacing. We can also use our floor restoration techniques to breathe new life into your existing terrazzo floors. Visit our commercial floor portfolio for more bold terrazzo ideas, then give us a call at 612-750-5360, or contact us online to get a free estimate.