There are plenty of reasons to love marble flooring. Marble floors are both elegant and attractive and look great in all types of homes and decorative styles. They’re also incredibly durable and perfect for all levels of traffic in a home. You can expect them to stand up to all kinds of spills, and they’re easy to keep clean.

Maintaining your floors is the key to keeping them looking great for many years to come. In this post from ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, learn how to maintain your marble floors. Give us a call to schedule your natural stone floor polishing and maintenance.

Follow these steps to maintain your marble floors:

1.   Protect High-Traffic Areas

Dirt and debris can scratch your floors. Even small dust particles can cause your floors to dull over time. Be sure to use floor rugs or mats in areas of your home that see a lot of traffic like your entryway. Use a non-skid backing on your rugs and carpets to protect your family from slips and falls. 

2.   Wipe up Spills Immediately

When you live a busy life with a family or you regularly entertain guests, you’ll eventually end up with a spill or two. Instead of wiping, which can spread the liquid, blot spills. Gently wipe the floor and use a soft cloth to dry thoroughly.

3.   Clean Your Floors Regularly

To protect the polish on your home’s marble floors, be sure to clean them regularly using a soft dust mop. Avoid using harsh chemicals on your floors. Additionally, avoid using lemon juice and vinegar, as they can be abrasive. Instead, use a marble cleaner or gentle soap. Make sure to clean your mop after each use. Additionally, avoid using an upright vacuum cleaner on marble floors as this can scratch the stone.

4.   Apply Sealant When Needed

The amount of floor maintenance necessary will be determined by your marble’s porosity and level of traffic. To eliminate problems like staining and pitting, schedule an annual sealant application with our marble floor specialists at ACT Restoration.

Contact Our Twin Cities Marble Floor Specialists

In addition to sealant application, we also offer marble floor polishing, repair, restoration, and honing services to keep your marble floors looking beautiful for years down the road. To schedule your regular marble floor maintenance, give us a call today at 612-750-5360. You can also contact us to get an estimate on your Twin Cities marble floor maintenance services.