Terrazzo floors are one of the oldest types of flooring still in use today, dating back hundreds of years to the Italian renaissance period. Originally manufactured using oddly-shaped marbles and rocks by Italian craftsmen, terrazzo floors have been created using a splendid range of stones and rocks over time. The popularity of terrazzo floors has withstood the test of time, with beautiful floors from every era still in existence today. The key to keeping terrazzo looking beautiful is to repair damage as soon as it occurs.

At ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park, our Twin Cities floor specialists can help you keep your terrazzo floors looking beautiful with regular maintenance and repairs. In this blog entry, we’ll share what you need to know about repairing your terrazzo floors.

The Timeless Beauty of Terrazzo

Terrazzo floors are a versatile flooring option that is often applied over the concrete layer of a floor. Created using marble or rock chips prepared in glossy polished concrete, terrazzo is the original eco-friendly flooring solution. Although their popularity was overshadowed for a few decades by modern flooring solutions, many homeowners and commercial businesses alike are returning to terrazzo.

One of the reasons terrazzo is so well-loved is its stunning design minimalism. A clean terrazzo floor can look absolutely stunning. At the same time, it’s also built to stand up to heavy foot traffic and still maintain its original beauty. Keeping up with minor damage that can occur naturally over time is the key to maintaining the overall durability of your terrazzo through the years.

When Terrazzo Needs to Be Repaired

Even the most durable solutions are susceptible to the effects of time and the occasional injury. Although terrazzo floors are impressively durable, over time, they can end up with small cracks, chips, or other damage. One of the most common reasons a crack can occur is due to impact.

Because terrazzo is incredibly resistant to impact, these types of damage usually occur in much older terrazzo floors that have seen many decades of use. When items are dragged or heavy items are frequently dropped on terrazzo, small cracks can occur. Doorways with terrazzo floors are a common location for minor repairs. By repairing these chips or minor cracks right away, we can prevent further damage from occurring.

We also offer the following terrazzo floor services:

●        Polishing

●        Sealing

●        Restoration

Call Our Twin Cities Terrazzo Floor Refinishers

If your older terrazzo flooring has minor chips or cracks, don’t ignore them. Repairing small damage to your floor today can prevent serious problems down the road. We can also help you refinish an original terrazzo floor in need of attention.

Our team at ACT Restoration brings two decades of experience in terrazzo and concrete to every job. Check out our portfolio on the web to see our past work, then call us at 612-750-5360 or contact us on the web to schedule your terrazzo floor repair.