Restaurant floors endure huge amounts of foot traffic every day, not to mention water, grease and food spills that stain and eventually can damage concrete floors. These hard-working floors not only need to be industrial-strength but as slip-resistant as possible for the safety of staff as well as customers.


The Need to Look Good


It’s not just how good the food tastes! One of the most important factors of a restaurant floor is that it must be attractive to a discriminating clientele. The decor of a restaurant is essential to set the mood for an enjoyable dining experience, and a beautiful floor contributes heavily to the ambiance of a space.


Concrete Floors Can Handle the Job


Concrete floors provide the perfect solution for a restaurant floor. Not only does concrete have great strength and can handle almost anything, but it is also easy and economical to customize. Floor polishing and floor dying can transform an ordinary gray concrete surface into something quite extraordinary to dazzle the restaurant clientele.


Floor Polishing for Concrete


In the front of a restaurant, where food is served to customers, is the best area for polished concrete floors. In the back, where the food preparation and cooking occur, concrete floors should be sealed with epoxy to protect the floor from food spills, grease and water.


Floor polishing for concrete creates a unique floor that is not only beautiful, but slip-resistant as well. Floor dying or staining adds another dimension to the beauty of the floor and can be color-matched to complement the rest of the decor. As well as floor dying for a concrete floor, poured concrete tabletops, counters, or bar surfaces in the restaurant can also be dyed or stained to match, creating a very integrated look.


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