Whether you’re from St. Paul or Minneapolis, any Minnesotan can tell you the Twin Cities offer some of the finest cuisines in the Midwest. It takes a lot of work to run a busy commercial kitchen, which is why restaurant owners and managers need a high-performance environment to work in. Whether you’re serving sushi rolls or wowing customers with your top-of-the-line bakery goods, you need a floor that will stand up to high traffic and resist stains and chips.


At ACT Restoration in Minnesota, we offer solutions for commercial kitchens and restaurant floors. Here are a few reasons why polished concrete is the perfect flooring choice for your commercial kitchen:


1.      It’s uniquely attractive.

If you’ve got existing concrete floors in your kitchen, it might be tempting to think of covering them up with linoleum or another tile flooring option. But concrete floors are one of the most beautiful and versatile looks you can have in a busy commercial kitchen. With a wide range of stains and dyes, you can customize the look of your commercial kitchen to match your brand identity. We also offer four levels of polish.


2.      It’s incredibly durable.

One of the best reasons to keep your concrete floors is for their durability. In a commercial kitchen, it’s not if you’ll experience a spill but when, and the answer is often. Grease, butter, and even food can all end up on the ground at some point no matter how careful your staff is. Fortunately, polished concrete floors are incredibly resistant to moisture and stains. They also stand up to dropped kitchen equipment much better than other floors.


3.      It’s easy to clean.

With a busy Twin Cities kitchen, you need a floor that requires very little maintenance. With a polished concrete floor, sweeping periodically throughout the day and mopping once daily is all you’ll need to keep it looking good from day to day. Clean with non-abrasive cleaning products and water and you’ll have a beautiful, highly reflective floor that will look professional for years to come.


Call our Twin Cities Concrete Floor Restoration Specialists

Whether you’re thinking of opening a new restaurant or you’re remodeling your existing eaterie, our concrete floor specialists can help. We also offer a wide range of colors and stains. Whatever the look of your kitchen, we can help you design your concrete floor look and make it a reality.


We’d love to talk with you about your commercial kitchen flooring needs. Connect with our ACT Restoration team by calling us at 612-750-5360, or contact us to learn more.