If you own or manage a Twin Cities bar or restaurant, you probably know all too well how much of a beating those floors need to withstand. Between heavy traffic, food spills, and constant cleaning, foodservice industry floors are put through the wringer every shift. That’s one of the reasons more restaurant and bar owners are choosing to refinish the original concrete floor rather than cover it up with tile or another flooring solution. And with all of the beautiful floor stain solutions available for today’s stained concrete floors, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.


If adding a stain to your existing commercial restaurant or bar concrete floor is something you’re considering, our team at ACT Restoration can help. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the reasons restaurant and bar owners are choosing to stick with their original concrete floor.


The Perfect Flooring Solution for the Service Industry

During any given bar or restaurant shift, your floor most likely takes its share of beverage, food, grease, and even chemical spills. Stained and polished concrete repels all of these and allows for easy cleanup. Additionally, these types of floors require very little maintenance other than regular cleaning.


Concrete is also much less resistant to slipping hazards than many other flooring options, which means it poses less of a liability or danger to staff and guests. Concrete floors are also able to handle a high rate of traffic from servers and kitchen staff to guests. It can even handle food carts and tables being moved around throughout the course of a shift.


Versatility of Style and Color

Concrete is an ideal solution for the service industry not only due to its industrial durability but also its incredible versatility when it comes to creating unique looks. When you think of concrete floors, don’t get stuck thinking only of simple gray floors.  Concrete floors can be stained in any number of styles and textures to enhance the decor of a restaurant. They can also be polished to create a gleaming, bright look or a simple, understated one. We can even add a logo or wayfinding pattern. Or add an epoxy layer in a stunning marble look.


Here are just a few of our bold stain solutions:


●        TiqueWash for an antique stained look

●        The brilliant color of Ameripolish or Vivid Dye

●        The timeless elegance of Tinte D’ Acqua


Create Your Perfect Service Industry Concrete Flooring Solution

You work hard to provide great food and great service every shift. Every detail should wow your guests, and your flooring is no exception. That’s why working with your existing concrete floors is the ideal solution for your commercial floors.


Our concrete floor staining pros at ACT Restoration can help you choose the best flooring solution for your business. Check out some of our beautiful restaurant and bar floors in our past projects gallery. When you’re ready, talk to our polished concrete floor specialists at 612-750-5360, or contact us to discuss your concrete floor goals.