In a commercial or industrial setting, floors may be a low priority when it comes to aesthetics. Most business owners are more concerned with how well a floor performs under demanding conditions rather than how good it looks. However, you can have the best of both worlds. After all, polished concrete is popular for a reason.  

Floor specialists agree that a polished concrete floor not only looks fabulous but it’s also extremely durable in areas of high traffic, and it’s easy to keep clean.

The Benefits of Concrete Commercial Floors

ACT Restoration's floor specialists recommend polished concrete flooring for several good reasons. Let’s explore!

Extremely Flexible

A polished concrete floor works well in a warehouse setting with forklift traffic and other heavy loads because the weight isn’t an issue. Floor polishing also creates a floor that repels dust.

If your needs change in the future, you can easily install another type of flooring right over the existing concrete.


One of the benefits associated with concrete commercial floors is that they are extremely durable. Carpet wears down as it is walked across, tile can crack, and wood floors can warp or rot. Concrete is a strong and durable material that can withstand heavy foot traffic and a lot of abuse, making it a great option for warehouse and commercial spaces.

A polished concrete floor is one of the most durable of floors. It practically never wears out or needs replacing, and it is highly resistant to chipping or scratching. Concrete can also be sealed and used in wet applications because of its superior ability to withstand moisture damage. 

Concrete floor resurfacing works well in commercial buildings with high-moisture areas, such as restaurants, breweries, or the deli area in a grocery store.

Very Affordable Price Tag

Polished concrete floors are affordable because the cost of concrete is economical. With a small amount of surface work, you can turn a dull gray floor into a shiny, super-durable surface that will be beautiful and easy to clean for many years to come.

A typical concrete subfloor can be polished into a gleaming, beautiful surface at a very affordable cost and with little prep work before the floor polishing. You can go one step further and have the floor sealed. 

Concrete floor resurfacing and sealing works well for high-moisture rooms such as baths, kitchens, and laundry rooms in your home.

Energy Efficient

One of the lesser-known benefits associated with concrete commercial flooring is that concrete is energy efficient. Concrete absorbs heat and cold from the air around it. As such, if you are running the air conditioner in the building, the concrete will cool down, helping your building to stay cooler. 

Likewise, if you are running the heater, the concrete will heat up, helping your building to stay warmer. This can help your space to feel warmer or cooler, as desired, which helps to decrease your energy usage.

Easy to Clean

As a business owner, you likely do not have much time to spend cleaning the floors in your building. Concrete is a great option for those who are busy because it doesn't take much to clean this flooring choice. 

Concrete can be swept to remove dirt and debris. If the concrete is stained, sealed, or painted, it can be mopped as needed to remove residue and restore shine to the floor. 

There are no special cleaning products or time-consuming cleaning processes that need to be done to keep the floors clean.

Many Color & Stain Options Available

The last benefit associated with concrete commercial floors is that there are many techniques available to alter the appearance of your concrete floor. Concrete can be painted, epoxy can be used on concrete, etching or acid washing can be done, or concrete can be stained. You can also opt for a natural concrete look with high reflectivity to make your space brighter. All of these options transform plain gray concrete into an attractive flooring option that complements your space.

Signs Your Concrete Floor Needs Refinishing

Your industrial and commercial concrete floors take a beating. Concrete floors can become a safety hazard because of the ways concrete can break, crack, and shift. There are many signs your concrete floor needs to be repaired

Some signs include: 

  • Gouges & Scratches

  • Uneven Floor Surface

  • Holes or Cracks

  • Bubbling & Blistering

  • Lack of Control Joints

A common safety hazard is a crack that becomes a trip hazard. A trip hazard is considered to be any change in vertical or horizontal separation over a quarter of an inch. Patching over the trip hazard can make it more dangerous, so avoid concrete trip hazards by opting for refinishing instead. 

What Is Epoxy Coating? 

Epoxy coating is applied over the entire surface of the concrete and forms a thick protective barrier against harmful substances that can damage the integrity of the floor. This highly resistant coating works by creating a tough shield that seals the porous surface of the concrete. 

Once the concrete is no longer porous, it won’t absorb any liquids. If your floor is made of concrete, an epoxy coating can be installed in a short time and can last as long as 20 years in a commercial setting

A strong epoxy coating can save you money because the cost of maintenance is reduced. This type of coating also protects against high temperatures and slippage.

Special Requirements for Commercial Concrete Floors

The floors of commercial buildings deal with many challenging situations every workday. Lots of water, chemical spills, heavy loads, and the grinding action of forklift tires require a tough floor.  

Concrete floors in such situations demand special protection, and an epoxy coating can provide a low-cost, easy solution.

Create Chemical Resistant Floors

The concrete floors of many commercial buildings face exposure to harsh chemicals and compounds, which makes protection critical. Unfortunately, corrosive chemical spills don’t just pool on top of an unprotected concrete floor. The chemical can soak into the porous surface and begin to deteriorate the floor. 

Sealing the concrete with a protective epoxy coating prevents surface damage and allows the janitorial department to clean spills up completely with no toxic residue left behind to harm employees.

Create High Moisture Resistant Floors

In commercial settings where water is constantly used, such as a medical facility, sealing concrete floors with epoxy protects against damage. Epoxy is an extremely cost-effective and long-lasting solution to moisture damage.

Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors

Though polished concrete floors are low maintenance, they do require daily cleaning to maintain appearance and durability. In order to maintain your concrete floors, you should sweep them daily with a dry mop. Weekly, plan to clean your floors with a wet mop with a neutral pH cleaner. 

Clean up spills right away, including oil, grease, water, and adhesives. Twice a year, plan to have your floor resealed. Sealing your floor protects them from liquids, dust, stains, and foot traffic. 

Restore Your Concrete Floors with ACT Restoration

Selecting new floors for a commercial space is a big decision. Taking the time to educate yourself on the various types of floors that are available, as well as the benefits that each flooring option offers, allows you to make an educated decision as to which type of flooring is right for your commercial space. 

Since 2012, ACT Restoration has served the Twin Cities area in commercial and residential applications. We provide the customer with exactly the type of polished concrete floor they desire for their business or home. It doesn’t matter if a project is large or small – we use the best materials available and provide a quality floor for all of our commercial and residential customers.

We are proud to have served our community in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota as floor polishing specialists for over 20 years. We’re your local experts for floor dying, concrete floor resurfacing, floor polishing, or concrete floor staining. ACT’s team can also restore terrazzo and natural stone floors to provide more options for your home or business flooring needs.

Providing excellent customer service and delivering an exceptional product, we provide the following:

  • Floor refinishing

  • Floor polishing

  • Floor dying

  • Concrete floor refinishing

  • Restoration of natural stone flooring

  • Restoration of terrazzo flooring

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