Does your concrete floor have a trip hazard? Are your employees or customers consistently in danger of tripping over this crack or joint in the floor? The last thing you want is for someone to get seriously hurt. Safety is vital, and ACT Restoration is here to help.

If you think your only option is to completely replace the floor, don’t worry. We can show you our process for fixing concrete trip hazards without total replacement.

What Is a Concrete Trip Hazard?

A concrete trip hazard is defined by OSHA as “any crack or joint in a concrete walkway with a vertical change of over ¼ of an inch.”

Even this slight change can be hazardous for people walking through the area. These kinds of cracks and joints can occur anywhere, and it is much safer to get the problem taken care of rather than wait for something bad to happen.

How to Repair Concrete Trip Hazards

ACT Restoration has a tried and true method for fixing concrete trip hazards that are less than half the depth of the pour. That means that if the concrete pour is four inches thick, we can work with a crack or joint that is less than two inches high.

What Not to Do

The last option you want to consider is patching over a trip hazard. Since Minnesota has cold winters, patches do not typically stay put during the freeze-thaw cycle we’re familiar with. The patch is likely to just pop off the trip hazard.

Plus, you’re not really solving the problem. The trip hazard is still there, and patching over it will make it even more dangerous.

Best Option to Remove Concrete Trip Hazards

ACT Restoration’s process involves grinding down the trip hazard to make it level with the rest of the concrete. Grinding down the concrete will bring your floor back into compliance with OSHA, thus removing the danger it poses to anyone walking through the area.

The benefit of concrete grinding is that you’ll save a lot of money instead of completely replacing your concrete floor. While it is possible to do this process yourself, we recommend hiring professionals who can do the job quickly and efficiently.

ACT Restoration is qualified to do this job and save you money in the process!

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Ridding your floor of trip hazards is a simple process that ACT Restoration can handle. We’re ready to help you avoid dangerous falls and potential injuries.

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