Polished concrete floors are more popular than ever before. Once seen primarily in businesses and viewed as a flooring option better suited to industrial buildings than to home decor, concrete’s perception has begun to shift. More homeowners than ever are beginning to look to concrete flooring for its simple, clean appearance and understated elegance. At the same time, the popularity of polished concrete as a flooring solution for restaurants and stores has continued to grow.


If your idea of polished concrete is limited to plain gray flooring, you might be surprised to learn how many floor staining options for concrete floors are available. In this post, our Brooklyn flooring specialists at ACT Restoration will break down some of the natural looks available for concrete floors.


Combining Elegance and Versatility

Concrete is an ideal flooring solution for the modern age. Carpet, linoleum, and other popular flooring options are not always the most versatile solutions when it comes to style. However, concrete can create a simple, clean backdrop for a living or commercial space. In many ways, it is an ideal canvas for balancing a wide range of decorative styles from modern to eclectic.


Due to their water resistance, concrete floors also function well in many spaces in a home from the bathroom to the entry and even kitchen. If you love the idea of stained concrete flooring, the selection of floor stains available ranges from bold and assertive to more subdued and natural.


Here are a few of our most popular natural concrete looks for polished concrete floors:


1.      TiqueWash for Textured Concrete

If you’ve got a stamped concrete patio or deck surrounding your pool, TiqueWash works with the natural look of the concrete to enhance the existing texture. The color pools in low areas during the application process. The result is a highly textured and multi-toned Old World appearance.


TiqueWash is available in 16 stain variations. Options range from warm earth tones like Aged Coral and Antique Umber to cool shades like Sea Foam and Sycamore.


2.      NewLook Solid Color Stain for Natural-looking Opaque Color

If you’re looking to change the color of your concrete to an opaque earth tone, consider adding NewLook Solid Color Stain. NewLook completely changes the look of the concrete and is available in a wide range of neutral tones. This decorative polymer-modified formula comes in twenty hues like Beachhouse, Moonrock, and Spanish Clay.


3.      Antiqued Beauty with Legacy Fresco Stain

If your perfect concrete floors recollect dreamy antiqued stone, Legacy Fresco Stain can be used to create breathtaking concrete stains that can be applied in layers and are completely blendable to create a unique appearance customized to your home or business. Available in eight shades like Amber, Peppercorn, Clay, and Copper, Fresco stains can be reduced to create a more subdued appearance.


Contact our Twin Cities Concrete Floor Staining Specialists

Whether you’re designing your dream home or opening a new boutique, beautiful flooring is a foundation around which the entire look is built. With stunning concrete floor stain solutions from ACT Restoration, we can help you create a custom look that you’ll love for many years to come.


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