Polishing, Staining, Sealing, Densifying, Grinding, Repair, Patching, Topping


Polishing, Repair, Restoration, Sealing, Maintenance, Install (concrete or epoxy)


We can handle any residential project, regardless of size

Natural Stone

Marble, Granite, Travertine, Polishing, Repair, Restoration, Honing services


Industrial, Garages, Decorative, Metallic, Reflector Floor, Quartz, Paint Chip


We are equipped for commercial flooring projects of all scales and sizes

With over 20 combined years of experience

We are equipped to handle any project




ACT Restoration, Inc. has gone the extra mile for us on projects. They have met our scheduling needs and their quality is second to none. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for polished/stained concrete and also flooring removals. They are part of our team and they have earned it.
Ryan Politz, Project Manager, RJ Marco Construction, Inc.
ACT refinished our floors in an oily manufacturing setting. The floors look great, are easy to maintain and keep clean, are safer and the employees love them.
Dan, Production Manager, Honeywell Golden Valley
First let me say to Dave and to Nick.....WOW! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!! THANK YOU --THANK YOU--THANK YOU!! Cannot tell you how happy it makes me to walk up to the front of the house and to see the steps looking impressively flawless!! There's a happy-happy lady here tonight!!
Myrna, Homeowner
The ACT Restoration crew was on time, aware of their project’s scope and how it affects other areas of the facility. Your workers were friendly and professional, communicating and updating with our onsite contacts daily. Workmanship was first rate. Your guys were more than willing to take the extra step – whether it was cordoning off their work space, or re-working a piece if need be in order to get a perfect match. I appreciated ACT’s follow up, and would refer your services to others for any hardscape opportunities they may have.
Scott Banker, ADOE, Hyatt Regency - Minneapolis
Excellent service, fair pricing and a job well done sums up my experience with Act Restoration. Nick's ability to make my old cement floor look new and shine was amazing. I highly recommend him.
Pat, Business Owner