If you’ve considered installing an epoxy floor in your home or you’ve got one already, you know how attractive and durable these floors can be. In fact, with the right maintenance, epoxy flooring can look great for many years to come. One of the benefits of epoxy flooring is its relative ease of care. At ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park, our epoxy floor specialists can help you with all of your epoxy floor needs. Read on to learn the steps to maintaining your epoxy floor.


The Epoxy Advantage

Epoxy floors offer a surprising number of advantages. Because they are built on existing concrete, they cost much less to install and can be installed in a relatively short time. They also protect you against slippage and are resistant to fire. When used in a space with vehicles, they reduce the wear and tear on your ride.


Epoxy is available in a wide range of styles:

●        Metallic

●        Reflector

●        Quartz

●        Paint chip

●        Decorative

●        Custom


Sweep Regularly

The first step to keeping your epoxy floor looking great is sweeping your floor on a regular basis. This can extend the life of your epoxy floor, and it also works to minimize any damage that might occur. You can sweep your floor using a soft broom or wipe it down with a dust mop. Sweep at least once daily for the best results.


Wash Your Floor Often

The epoxy coating on top of the concrete creates a surface that is easily cleaned. Mopping your floor will keep your epoxy floor looking great and free of unwanted debris. Avoid washing with soaps or acid cleaners, which can cause damage to your beautiful epoxy floor. You can also use a mixture of hot water and ammonia to deep clean your floors. Be sure to treat any stains that occur as soon as possible.


Protect Your Floor

Be sure to protect your epoxy floor from damage due to drops and spills. If you work in a space that is prone to drops or where heavy equipment is often used, consider placing a mat on the floor. This can help prevent significant damage if you drop anything on your epoxy floor. This is especially important if your epoxy floor is located in a garage or a kitchen.


Minnesota Floor Specialists

With the proper maintenance, your epoxy floor will look stunning for many years to come.

At ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park, we offer epoxy floor installation to keep your epoxy floor looking stunning for many years to come. Check out our commercial floor portfolio to see some of our incredible work. To schedule your epoxy installation project, call our floor specialists at 612-750-5360, or contact us to learn more.