Polishing a concrete floor is a great way to get beautiful flooring for your business or home at a very affordable price. Not only does a polished floor look impressive, but it is also a very durable finish that doesn’t require a lot of expensive and time-consuming maintenance like some other types of flooring.


Floor restoration costs much less than replacing a floor. If you operate a commercial business, your company can resume normal operations much faster, which prevents profit loss. If you are having floor restoration done in your home, concrete floor polishing will allow you and your family to resume your normal lifestyle much quicker than other more complicated floor installations.   


The First Step Is Preparation

Existing concrete usually requires some form of surface preparation before the process of polishing the floor begins. First, the floor is thoroughly cleaned to remove all grease, chemical stains, and any previous coatings on the cement. Small cracks, pits or holes are filled in to make the floor surface as smooth as possible before the floor polishing process begins.

After the floor is carefully cleaned and prepared, the surface of the cement is ground flat and completely smooth using a special type of machinery and techniques. At this stage, you can begin to customize your commercial or residential floor with concrete floor staining, floor dying, as well as using specialty patterns and custom designs.


Concrete Floor Staining

Staining a concrete floor can produce some stunning results. You can choose from a multitude of colors and techniques designed to give your floor a unique and custom look. You can also incorporate a company logo design into the floor polishing process. Such a design makes a great addition to a reception area that greets your customers.

Contact the Floor Polishing Specialists

If you have an idea for a custom design for a polished concrete floor for your business or residence, contact a floor refinishing company, such as ACT Restoration & Polishing. We can assist you in designing and implementing a beautiful floor to complement your decor or impress your customers.


Contact ACT Restoration & Polishing at 612-750-5360 or visit our website . You can fill out our Contact Us Today form and one of our floor polishing specialists will contact you shortly to discuss your floor restoration project. We offer free estimates to our customers. 

Our company primarily serves the state of Minnesota, but we also consider jobs outside of our home location. Our extensive knowledge of all types of floor restoration and our vast experience can help you create a beautiful custom floor for your business or home.