If your commercial building's floor is heavily stained by oil, or the surface is cracked and missing pieces of concrete, we can transform the damage with concrete floor refinishing. The floor specialists at Act Restoration can give your commercial building’s concrete floors a complete makeover and create a fresh, new look for your business for much less cost than it would take to install new flooring materials.

Concrete Floor Resurfacing

With a process called concrete floor resurfacing, the damage your floor sustained over the years can be completely eradicated. Concrete floor resurfacing is a process where a layer of a substance called micro topping is spread thinly over the top of the damaged concrete.

For floors that slope or are not level, a thicker substance is poured over the floor. This chemical compound will flow outward in a puddle and make the floor level, as well as cover up any cracks in the concrete surface.

Finishing the Concrete Floor

After the drying process of the overlay is complete, the floor is now ready to be finished. If you choose a smooth overlay finish for your project, ACT Restoration floor specialists will polish the floor to a gorgeous sheen. Floor polishing creates a glossy surface that is easy to maintain as well as prohibits the growth of dust mites, mildew, mold and other allergens. Your new polished floor will ensure a much healthier environment inside the building.

If you choose a textured overlay to resemble the look of natural stone, an earth tone stain is applied to complete the effect. Concrete floor staining produces a beautiful marbled effect that closely resembles real stone. The textured surface helps improve traction in the event the floor becomes wet.

We Are the Floor Specialists You Can Trust

ACT Restoration is proud to have served the Twin Cities area of Minnesota since 2012. Over the years we have built a reputation of honesty and integrity with our customers and pride ourselves on the high quality we put into our work.

If your commercial building needs expert and professional floor restoration, call us at 612-750-5360. We can make your damaged concrete floor look good again at an affordable price. At ACT Restoration we have over 20 years of combined experience with concrete floors in the following areas:

●        Floor resurfacing

●        Floor polishing

●        Floor dying

●        Floor staining

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