Concrete floors have continued to grow in popularity over recent years thanks to their incredible durability and versatility of style. They look great with just about any architectural style and work well in everything from trendy restaurants to beautiful, older homes. They’re also tough enough to withstand heavy usage but elegant enough to look stunning even in the most refined establishments.


One of concrete’s biggest benefits is its relative ease of maintenance. With the help of concrete sealing, concrete floor owners can keep their floors looking fantastic for many years to come. We’ve put together this guide to talk about some of the ways our Brooklyn Park floor specialists at ACT Restoration can protect your floor with concrete sealing.


How Concrete Sealing Works

Concrete sealing is essentially an added layer of protection on your concrete floors. Most concrete damage is due to wear and tear on the very top layer or moisture intrusion. Concrete sealing seals off the pores on the top layer of your concrete, forming an impermeable layer that completely blocks the pores so nothing can penetrate the concrete.


Here are a few of the main benefits of sealing your concrete:


1.      It Adds to Your Floor’s Lifespan.

Adding a sealant to your concrete means it’s more resistant to damage that occurs over time. With a good sealant and regular maintenance, your concrete floors may last indefinitely. More importantly, they’ll continue to look fantastic for many years despite even the heaviest wear and tear.


2.      It Makes Your Concrete Easier to Maintain.

With a good sealant applied to the top layer, your concrete floors will be much easier to maintain and keep clean. You should be able to keep your floors looking great with simple regular mopping. You’ll want to reseal your floor about every three to six months depending on your climate and type of traffic your floor is exposed to.


3.      It Protects Your Floor From Stains.

Moisture intrusion can damage your concrete, but it can also lead to unsightly stains that penetrate the concrete’s surface. Sealant protects your floor from moisture and keeps it from picking up stains that detract from your floor’s beauty.


Connect With our Brooklyn Park Floor Polishing Specialists

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