These days, homeowners and business owners are looking for lower-cost flooring options. One of those options is concrete. Concrete has many benefits, but you may notice aging, stains, or looking worse for wear without proper care.

A total floor replacement doesn’t have to be in your future. Polishing your concrete produces beautiful results without the need for stripping or waxing like other floors, and it’s not nearly as expensive as new flooring. The results are low maintenance to boot.

Alternatively, you can grind and seal your concrete floors to create a surface that effectively repels oil and other liquids. This process provides yet another affordable option to restore your concrete floors without breaking the bank.

Grind and Seal vs. Polished Concrete

Polished concrete involves grinding the floor over and over with finer grits of diamond abrasives until the floor is polished and shining. Conversely, grind and seal is a process in which the floor is ground down using surface grinders to remove contaminants. Cracks are patched, and if needed, the floor is ground again. After proper cleaning, the floor is sealed with a topical sealer.

When it comes to polished concrete vs. grind and seal, both options produce a shining concrete floor. Polishing is more labor intensive, typically resulting in a higher cost of service. But cost shouldn’t be the only determining factor, as there are many benefits of grind and seal concrete to consider, too.

7 Benefits of Grind and Seal Concrete

There are many advantages when you grind and seal your concrete floors. Here are seven ways grind and seal floors are a great alternative to polished concrete. \

1. Cost-Effective

Grind and seal can be cheaper upfront and over time. It is low-maintenance and takes less time to prep than polished concrete.

2. Resistant to Water and Other Liquids

Because of the topical seal, your concrete floor will be more resistant to water and other spills. This can be beneficial if the floor is a kitchen, basement, garage, or bathroom. This also means that your floor will not see bacteria growth because of the spilled liquids.

3. Slip Resistant

Safety is essential, and you don’t want anyone to end up in the hospital because of a slip-and-fall accident. Grind and seal concrete is slip resistant.

4. Shine and Color

With grind and seal concrete, you end up with a shining floor similar to polished concrete, but at a reduced cost.

With grind and seal, you can also choose the sealant color to match your room’s aesthetic.

5. Installation Is Faster

Polished concrete requires much more prep time before the polishing process can take place. Grind and seal is much faster and requires fewer steps and less grinding.

6. Resistant to More Abrasion

Your grind and seal floors will be more resistant to scratches over time than polished concrete.

7. Low Maintenance

You won’t have to spend extra time and money maintaining your floors with grind and seal. This is one of the most obvious benefits of grinding down a trip hazard – indoor or outdoor.

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