Concrete floors are one of the most beautiful, timeless, and durable flooring options available for both homeowners and commercial businesses. But if you’re looking for a floor that’s a bit more customizable and has an added layer of protection to keep your concrete from becoming damaged over the years, epoxy is a great option. An epoxy coat is a protective layer that’s applied to your existing concrete floor. It’s also growing in popularity for residential uses with more designs available now than ever.

At ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park, our concrete floor restoration team helps Twin Cities business owners and homeowners enjoy beautiful floors that stand up to the test of time. In this blog entry, we’ll talk about some of the reasons epoxy floors are some of the safest options for your home or business.

Understanding How Epoxy Works

Put quite simply, epoxy flooring is actually a protective layer applied to an existing concrete floor. This coating is comprised of resin combined with hardeners that chemically react to the surface of your concrete floor. The reaction that occurs causes the liquid of the epoxy to become a solid that will then cure onto your concrete floor.

In the past, epoxy floors were often associated with use in garages and commercial kitchens. However, with a wider range of styles available today, designers and homeowners are creating stunning floor solutions in living spaces as well as commercial applications.

Epoxy is highly resistant to all of the following:

●        Chemical damage

●        Impact damage

●        Heat damage

●        Abrasive cleaners

Epoxy Floors for Busy Lives

There’s a reason epoxy floors are the floor of choice in restaurants and busy garages. Even after they’re subjected to a high amount of foot traffic and heavy use, epoxy floors retain their beauty, lasting for many years. Once the installation process is complete, they are one of the safest flooring options for busy families. Epoxy floors are also easy to keep clean, which is an added plus when pets and children are part of your busy home. This ease of maintenance and sanitation makes them one of the safest flooring options available.

Here are a few more reasons to love epoxy floors:

●        They’re affordable.

●        They’re long-lasting.

●        They’re available in a wide range of styles and looks.

Contact Your Twin Cities Epoxy Floor Specialists

Commercial business owners have long relied on epoxy as one of the most durable and easily maintained flooring solutions. With beautiful options like reflective and marble epoxy, it’s also a stunning solution for residential bathrooms, kitchens, and more.

To check out examples of our commercial and residential epoxy, visit our design portfolio online. To find out about our color and style options, call our epoxy floor specialists at 612-750-5360 or contact us to learn more.