If you are looking for a commercial or residential floor with a lot of pizazz, but that is also easy on the budget, look no further than decorative concrete floor refinishing. Concrete floors are not only durable and easy to maintain, but they also look beautiful as well.


Polished concrete has a very solid and earthy, yet contemporary look that goes well with today’s modern furnishings and decor. When the cement is ground and polished into a smooth surface, the process reveals the small pebbles embedded inside the concrete, giving the floor the look of natural stone.


Many Colors for You to Choose

The natural color of polished concrete is a soft, relaxing shade of gray that perfectly complements many surroundings. However, if this color does not appeal to you or if you would like a bolder tint for your floor, many more colors are available. Concrete floor staining or floor dying can enhance the natural stone-like patterns of polished concrete in any color you desire.


For Your Business 

Commercial buildings usually have concrete floor already in place, so it’s easy to use floor polishing or floor dying to create a smooth and easy to maintain surface. Sealing a polished concrete floor makes it impervious to chemical spills, high levels of moisture, and other substances that would stain or harm the floor.


For Your Home

Polished concrete looks stylish and sophisticated in a home as well as in a commercial building and makes a very long lasting floor. Polished concrete can withstand heavy foot traffic, water spills in a bathroom or laundry room and pet accidents with no problems.


We Use the Wet Grind Method


At ACT Restoration, we use the wet grind method for floor polishing projects. This superior method offers many advantages to the commercial as well as the residential client, such as protecting the human respiratory system by not releasing dangerous silica dust into the air. The wet grind method also creates a more uniform and smoother surface than the traditional process of grinding and produces a more.


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ACT Restoration uses only the highest quality products and the most effective techniques to create beautiful floors for our commercial and residential clients. With our extensive knowledge of floor restoration and great teamwork, we can make your floor restoration as easy and stress-free as possible.


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