It’s essential for a public place like a commercial building to look clean and attractive. A well-kept building inspires trust in customers and is great for increasing business. The condition of the floors is  important in this type of setting as well. If you have a damaged concrete floor in your business's commercial building, there are many decorative options available for floor restoration.


The Condition of an Existing Concrete Floor


If the concrete floor of your commercial business building is in good shape and structurally sound, you may want to have it processed by floor polishing specialists. Floor polishing strips away layers of built-up grime and surface stains and eliminates any scratches. Floor polishing creates an extra smooth surface that can be dyed or stained to achieve colorful patterns or a floor with borders of a contrasting color.


If there are significant problems with the surface of the concrete, such as large cracks or spalling, floor polishing alone can’t disguise the damage. Stains that deeply penetrate the concrete can’t be removed with floor polishing either. Different methods are employed to make an extensively damaged floor smooth and attractive again.


If you are unsure about the condition of your concrete, contact an ACT Restoration professional that will assess your individual flooring needs. They will be happy to answer any questions.


Damaged Concrete Needs Floor Restoration


If your commercial building’s floor can't be polished, there are other decorative options available, such as concrete floor resurfacing. Resurfacing a concrete floor involves applying a topping material to the top of the floor. This process creates a smooth or textured finish to imitate natural stone. After the concrete resurfacing material is applied and completely dried, the floor is polished if desired. If the floor is textured, it is usually stained to look like natural stone.


The Decorative Process


After the first step of floor restoration to prepare the cement for a decorative finish, floor dying or floor staining is used to create a one of a kind floor for your business. Patterns and graphics, such as business logos, can be incorporated into the decorative finish to make a distinctive statement for the lobby of your commercial building.


If you are interested in creating a durable and one of a kind floor for your business, contact ACT Restoration to explore the decorative possibilities with concrete floor polishing, floor dying and staining. We are the experts with over 20 years of combined experience of creating beautiful concrete floor finishes in the Twin Cities area.


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