Concrete floors are one of the most beautiful flooring options available, and they look great in everything from hip restaurants to large-scale industrial operations. They’re highly customizable, too, which means you can match just about any architectural design or style. If you’ve been thinking about refinishing the concrete floors in your home or business, you may be hesitant because of glue damage from previous flooring.


You might be surprised to learn that glue does not mean your concrete floors can’t be restored. Our expert floor specialists at ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, use our concrete preparation methods to completely repair the glue damage to your floor. Here’s how:


Glues and Epoxies on Your Concrete Floor

Concrete floors are becoming a bigger trend than ever thanks to their incredible durability and decorative versatility. But it wasn’t always this way. For many decades, home and business owners did everything they could to hide their concrete floors, not realizing the beautiful potential of their concrete flooring.


The application of many flooring options like tile meant using a powerful adhesive. When business or homeowners decide to refinish these concrete floors, they often find these floors are covered with ugly adhesive that can be very difficult to remove.


Here are three of the most common adhesives we find:

●        Epoxy

●        Carpet glue

●        Mastic


Preparing a Concrete Floor

Fortunately, our Brooklyn Park floor specialists are experts in preparing concrete floors. That means not only are we capable of handling glues, epoxies, and other adhesives, but we have the experience to boot. We begin by scraping off every bit of adhesive possible using our equipment.


We understand that different types of adhesives may require different methods, and we’re familiar with all types of adhesives. Once we’re through, we use the wet grind prep method to prep your floor and finish it off with the beautiful concrete look you’ve chosen.


Contact our Brooklyn Park Concrete Floor Polishing Specialists

Concrete floors are the best way to get a beautiful, elegant floor with very little maintenance, and they look great in homes and businesses alike. But if you’re worried your concrete floors can’t be saved because of adhesive, you’d be surprised at how our team of Brooklyn Park floor specialists can help.


Whether you need your concrete floors resurfaced or you’re considering a new stain, we’ve got you covered. Connect with our Brooklyn Park concrete floor polishing specialists by calling us at 612-750-5360, or contact us to get started on your beautiful concrete floors.