There are many ways to increase your home’s curb appeal from updating your siding to replacing your windows and doors. But many homeowners overlook one of the most dramatic upgrade solutions when they’re updating their home’s exterior. By upgrading your home’s exterior concrete surfaces, you can dramatically alter the curb appeal of your home, adding to your home’s overall value and marketability.


At ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park, our team of concrete resurfacing professionals offers several stunning concrete solutions to upgrade the exterior appeal of your Twin Cities home. By updating the concrete in front of your home through floor refinishing or staining, our concrete floor specialists can give your driveway or sidewalk a whole new look. In this post, we’ll discuss three exterior concrete solutions you should consider when you’re updating your home.


1.      Front Porch - Whether you live in a stately Victorian home or a welcoming Craftsman bungalow, your front porch is the grand entrance to your home. It’s the first thing guests see when they arrive, and one of the most noticeable focal points of your home from the street. Cracks and damage to your front porch or steps can noticeably detract from your home’s outward appearance. For added elegance, consider adding an attractive stain to your front steps and porch.


2.      Driveway and Apron - A standard driveway is anything but noticeable. However, a beautiful driveway adds to the overall value of a home and stands out as the prettiest driveway on the block. A stained concrete driveway and apron completely transform the look of a home. Consider a rich and durable acid look to give your driveway a high-class makeover.


3.      Sidewalk - If you’ve got a sidewalk in front of your home or a walkway through your lawn, make the most of it by upgrading its style. We can repair your walkway and give it a sleek, elegant look that will only draw attention to your beautiful landscape. Whether you prefer a simple, clean gray concrete walkway or a bold stained color, an updated sidewalk is a stunning way to upgrade your home’s exterior.


Update Your Exterior Concrete Today

Whether your home’s exterior concrete is aging and outdated or you’re looking for a way to infuse elegance into your landscape, we can help. The residential concrete floor resurfacing experts at ACT Restoration can help you choose a look that works with your home’s architectural style and exterior design.


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