There’s nothing like a beautiful bathroom to make a home feel inviting. Whether you’re creating the perfect guest space or a cozy haven to sink into a clawfoot tub with a good book and some chamomile tea, a bathroom is a room of comfort.

That’s why your bathroom floor is just as important as the flooring in any other part of your home. Your bathroom floor should be durable but beautiful, creating an overall look that fits with the style of your decor and home.

One of the most too-often overlooked flooring options for residential bathrooms is also one of the most versatile and stunning: epoxy.

Our team at ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park put together this post to talk about some of the most stunning epoxy looks for bathrooms.

Let our floor refinishing pros help you decide which epoxy floor design to choose!

1. Ocean Front Property

One of the most popular bathroom epoxy flooring options on the Internet today is to recreate an oceanic style with epoxy. Metallic and pearl looks are blended with various shades of aqua and blue to create a dreamy, beachy appeal that offers a relaxing backdrop for your bathtub reverie.

You can go as light or dark as you want with this multi-dimensional look.

2. Metallic Neutrals

Metallic neutrals combine the simplicity and subtle grace of neutral colors with the multi-dimensional appeal of metallic epoxy to create a stunning flooring solution. A neutral look makes your home easier to resell but can look fantastic with just about any decor style.

From sandy earth tones to pearly opal shades, metallic neutrals are a stunning solution if you don’t want to make too much of a splash but still want to stand out.

3. Brilliant Minimalism

Don’t be afraid to stand out with bright white epoxy. White bathroom floors are popular for a reason. They create a spa-like atmosphere by embracing bold minimalism.

White epoxy floors look clean and can make your guests or family feel more at ease when they’re relaxing after a long day.

4. Marble Elegance

One of our favorite residential epoxy projects is this gorgeous marble-look bathroom floor. We used a bold contrasting light and dark epoxy concrete topping to create a spectacular waterproof flooring solution that conveys elegance and style.

5. Dark Glamour

Dark charcoal and black walls and floors have taken on newfound popularity in recent years because every decor element seems to pop against them. They create a quiet, smoldering elegance that can turn any bathroom into a perfect urban retreat.

6. Penny Floor

You’ve probably seen pictures of penny floors. By using pennies and epoxy, you can create a stunning design for any room in your home. Simply place pennies in the design you wish to create, and then the whole thing will be covered in epoxy.

These floors are easy to customize and are an awesome choice for anyone wanting a super unique floor in their home.

7. Bold Colors

If you love the look of bold colors, but want to do something a little different, try choosing an epoxy color for your home instead of other flooring types. Epoxy can be used on any existing concrete floor, so you can save money and still have that bold-colored floor you’ve always wanted.

Choose a color to match your decor, or pick a color that will brighten the room and make you smile.

8. 3D Epoxy Floors

With so many colors and designs to choose from, it’s possible to create a three-dimensional design on your floor using epoxy. If you have a design in mind, it can be replicated on your floor using a variety of colors. You’ll have an amazing floor to dazzle your friends.

9. Glitter Floors

By using a special kind of glitter and epoxy, you can create an amazing, bright, and fun floor. The glitter will reflect back light, making your floor shine. It’s a unique look for your bathroom and will help create a stunning aesthetic to match your decor.

10. Gold

Depending on the rest of your bathroom, you could always have a gold floor. Gold is an elegant color, bright and inviting, and will make your bathroom look unique and special.

Imagine having a gold floor with white counters, perhaps a splash of black or glitter, and you’ll have a dazzling bathroom to enjoy.

Call Our Twin Cities Epoxy Flooring Specialists

Before you cover up your existing concrete floors with tile, consider adding a beautiful layer of epoxy that will protect them and look stunning at the same time. Whether you’re hoping to create a modern elegance in your bathroom or a simple, quiet retreat, the possibilities are practically limitless with epoxy flooring.

Epoxy floors are incredibly durable and resistant to water, making them the ideal flooring option for a busy family’s bathroom. Because they’re so easy to maintain, you’ll wonder why you don’t epoxy all of your floors. If you decide to, we can help with that, too!

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