If you’re thinking of changing up the flooring in your home or business, you have plenty of options on the table. But here’s one you may not have yet considered: epoxy floors. When you think of epoxy flooring, there’s a good chance an image of old-fashioned paint chip epoxy comes to mind. You may be surprised to learn that today’s epoxy has come a long way from the domain of garage floors and industrial workplaces with options that look stunning in every room.

At ACT Restoration in Brooklyn Park, our residential concrete floor restoration team specializes in creating beautiful floors for Minnesota homes and businesses alike. In this post, we’ll share why metallic epoxy floors are one of the hottest trends in modern design.

Embracing Epoxy Outside of the Garage

Epoxy floors are simply concrete floors that have been restored and then coated with a thick layer of resin combined with a hardening agent and left to cure. This creates a powerful layer of protection over the concrete subfloor, which is why for many decades, epoxy was the flooring of choice for garages and industrial buildings. Epoxy is incredibly durable, making it ideal for use in a commercial kitchen or hospital setting. But it wasn’t something usually associated with residential living because of its utilitarian appearance.

But unlike the industrial epoxy of the past, today’s epoxy is available in a nearly limitless array of colors and styles. In the past few years, metallic epoxy floors have become one of the most coveted design trends for modern homes, used in kitchens to bathrooms and even living rooms.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic epoxy incorporates a reflective, dimensional quality that adds light and texture to any space. To get this radiant look, concrete floor specialists use a reflective additive that mixes into the epoxy before application. 

Once cured, it has the ability to open up a space while creating a bright elegance that evokes the image of stunning marble flooring. Homeowners love the luminescence it brings to their bathroom spaces, transforming them into a warm oasis. And because it’s simple to clean and maintain, it works well in every room of a home.

Here are a few more reasons to love epoxy flooring:

●        It’s slip-resistant, making it safer for kids at play.

●        It’s softer under food than concrete floors alone.

●        It brightens up a dark room.

●        It saves you money on floor maintenance over time.

Call our Brooklyn Park Residential Floor Refinishing Contractors

If you love the idea of concrete floors but you’re worried about how practical they are with a busy family, consider adding a coat of metallic epoxy to your floors. This affordable flooring option will completely transform the look of your home while creating a livable, easily maintained floor you’ll enjoy for decades to come.

To check out examples of our work, visit our residential and commercial portfolios online. Give our ACT Restoration concrete floor polishing specialists a call at 612-750-5360, or contact us to get the beautiful floors your home deserves.