If you’re ready to resurface your concrete floor, you may be unsure which concrete preparation solution is right for your project. There are a few options to choose from, one of which is concrete scarifying.

ACT Restoration is here to teach you about concrete scarifying and why it might be the best preparation technique for your concrete floors!

What Is Concrete Scarifying?

Concrete scarifying is a process that uses a series of spinning metal blades to chip away at the top layer of a concrete floor. This will remove toppings, coatings, or level out trip hazards.

The blades used are carbide-tipped and are attached to a rotating drum. They spin at high speeds and scrape away at the floor. The machine has a dust collector that sucks up the scraped-away concrete.

The primary benefit of scarifying is that it helps level the floor if it is uneven. That’s what makes this process different from sandblasting. Concrete scarifying is a much faster process than other options as well, with minimal cleanup afterward. 

Best Projects for Scarifying

The best use case for concrete scarifying is when you need to cut deeper than an eighth of an inch into the floor. It is generally used for preparing surfaces during road construction but can also be used on industrial flooring, sidewalks, and driveways.

If you have an existing coating on a concrete floor and need it to be replaced, scarifying can help cut away that previous, old epoxy coating to make way for a new layer.

Concrete Scarifying for Safety

Level concrete floors, particularly ones with a lot of foot traffic, are important for many safety reasons. Concrete scarifying helps level the floor, removing any minor concaves, bumps, or ridges that might be trip hazards for people walking through the area. These types of imperfections can also be dangerous for heavy machinery that drives over the surface.

The grooves created through the process of scarifying can act as non-slip surfaces, which is a good preventative measure. The grooves provide more traction for people and vehicles.

Is Concrete Scarifying Right for Your Floors?

ACT Restoration is here to help you decide if concrete scarifying is right for your concrete floors. Check out our portfolio for examples of our work, and contact us today for more information. You can also call us at 763-432-3966. We look forward to hearing about your next project!